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Anyway to boost OGL performance?

Okay, I'll try to make this quick. I use Second Life like, a lot! The problem is that on my laptop is always SO FUCKING SLOW! But of coutrse, SL is slow by nature because it's a dynamic world instead of a static world that you'd expect in a normal video game, but that's not quite all of it...

I have programs that run in both OpenGL and Direct3D APIs, and whenever I try to do some kind of benchmarking, OGL always looses. Then again, my laptop fails all around since it's a cheap Acer with the absolute worst Intel® HD "GPU"...

But here's what baffles me, Intel HD does support D3D 11, but only OGL 2.1? But isn't OGL 2.1 more like D3D 8 or 9? From what I understand, OGL 3 is like D3D 10 and OGL 4 is like D3D 11. So shouldn't I be able to use OGL 4? Have I figured this right or am I wrong?

Usually, OGL only slightly under-performs on Windows compared to D3D, but for me it's outright crippled! Did Intel intentionally cripple the OGL performance of their shitty GPUs so if you're unable to upgrade you feel like killing yourself for getting stuck with the worst GPU of all time or is there some hidden driver or setting they buried that makes OGL performance equal to D3D or are Intel just giving me a big "FUCK YOU"?

Can anybody tell me how I can get any perform gains until I can get a less shitty PC which will likely never happen?
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
I've always used Phoenix Viewer. From my experiences, it runs better on older systems than something like Firestorm. (Oh, and my sister also has a Acer laptop with an Intel GPU and SL runs just fine with Phoenix on low)
5 years, 11 months ago
Problem is though, Linden Labs are depreciating Viewer 1 support with classic clouds not supported in Magnum beta at all.
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