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No shippo for you! lol.

like i figured would happen sooner or later, i cant cant post shippo art here! XD  oh well. it was fun for the time it lasted =b

"Notice of Action
I have hidden your submissions "Shippo posing", "The Agreement - Page 1", "The Agreement - Page 2", "The Agreement - Page 3", and "The Agreement - Alternate Endings" as they are currently against our ACP.

They must stay hidden until such a time that we can allow semi-humans on Inkbunny.

Thank you for your understanding!"
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
omg, wtf? he's a friking "FOX" DEMON!
8 years ago
Theres alot of controversy and perhaps its touchy or perhaps the owner dislikes shippo. Whatever the reason is, theres not much that can be done.

e621 anyone?
8 years ago
Actually its because Shippo is Too much on the Gray zone where people out of the Fandon would still think its a Human Kid.
And is still counted as Human with Fox Tail and hind Paws, since he doesn't have Furry-like ears or face... sadly
8 years ago
wouldnt that be like one of them half goat things, Satyrs?

but defintiely agree with ya =/
8 years ago
Oh, well... I loved that... but I guess they are right. You can still post them on Wild Critters; they have no actual rules on posting anyway...
8 years ago
Or SoFurry.
8 years ago
Post your shippo art on SoFurry
8 years ago
Yeah, this sucks.
8 years ago
Mine was hidden away as well.  But I wasn't really surprised it was bound to happen since it mentions it in the ACP.  I was just waiting for them to do something.

Oh well.
8 years ago
Aww.... that sucks =\ If you upload it elsewheree, let us know please!
8 years ago
Glad I got it already before it got hidden by the mods.  Well you do got other art to send up right?  If wanted of course.
8 years ago
SoFurry, or WildCritters. Actually WC might be a little better.

It's art. People need to grow up and deal with it.
7 years, 11 months ago
Sadly, he is mostly human, apparently.

"Shippo normally appears to be a young boy with certain fox-like features...His actual age is never stated in the series; according to the official InuYasha guide by Rumiko Takahashi, his appearance is equivalent to that of a seven year old boy."

I've never seen the series, as I'm not much of an anime fan, but the lil' bugger is cute as hell!  XD
6 years, 8 months ago
Kit your not alone in this i cant post pics of my Liru Avatar on Second life
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