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Character design help maybe?

ok so I know this is a little weird but I'm working on a story right now, a new one, unlike Casey which I wrote and realized was a one-shot more than serial, but anyway, I'm looking at a new type of character, a weapons master this time, and I know most of the things I want from him, but not what I want him to be species-wise my gut tells me to keep it to the mustelids and vulpines that I so adore, but I figured I haven't had any reader interaction with this stuff lately. So here's the thought, I am taking suggestions on any ideas so long as they adhere to a few guidelines:

Wiry build... I know I use it for everybody but I don't want a hero who looks huge and muscular, I prefer for them to be lean, and usually a small-average size species... bears are big, no matter how you slice it, though if I'm given good reasoning for a species I'll take it under consideration

mortal, I mean the mortal kind, not like the dragon kind, or the kind that can be killed a billion different ways and will be reborn or anything like that

he needs a name, if nobody has a suggestion I'll just use the name Vincent Logan

now I'm very controlling of this stuff so i can't guarantee that i'll TAKE any suggestions, but i will take them under consideration
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
why not just call him wolverine XD joking joking anyways wiry..... hmmmmmmm  id say something furrety but i dont think it goes with weapons master much i have no idea truth be told usually i go off species by just putting a bunch on a wheel and spinning it XD
6 years, 5 months ago
well i think i got it locked down, a friend of mine and i talked it out and we figured he'd be a Cougar, so he's kinda plain looking with some muscle but not too much, and his name we decided on was Garret Logan, and I agreed initially with the ferret statement, but sometimes i feel like i use weasels over much (and a ferret is just a domesticated strain of the polecat from the mustelid family... the weasel family... too much wikipedia)
6 years, 5 months ago
hahhahah i see i like and well idk my brain has been off i forget how many chars of yours (that ive read) are weasles
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