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Want to make FULL COLOR pics on Wii U?

If you're like me and wondering why there's no Colors! app for Wii U when there's already one for 3DS, PS Vita, iOS, and Android platforms, then you're wondering how can you make drawings on my Wii U gamepad that aren't monochrome and only viewable in Miiverse?

Well, I may have a solution! There's a site at http://drawpad.net/ where you can access an HTML5 based drawing canvas that is fully compatible with the Wii U's web browser!

There's a few setbacks though. Because the Wii U won't let you save pictures, even if you have USB storage connected, there's no way to directly export your pics for PC use. Instead, you must save your images to cloud storage, that means you must register for the site. Fortunately, that's very easy to do, except for the fact you must use the D-pad to enter the text fields, as touching them doesn't seem to work for some reason.

Once you have registered though, you can go back to your PC to view the pic there. You still can't save to image though, so you must take a snapshot and use an image editor to finish the job. After that though, you'll have successfully saved an image to your PC that you made on your Wii U gamepad!

Now, there are a few issues with Drawpad besides the ones I already mentioned:

* No zoom feature. Your canvas is restricted to the Wii U gamepad's screen, minus the URL bar that cannot be hidden unlike the bottom toolbar.
* No multi-layers. Your drawing must be on one layer like in Paint.
* No selection tools. You can't cut objects out to move, rotate, or scale them. Redrawing them would be the only option.
* No Eraser. You can use Undo, but if you're too far into a drawing for that, you're screwed since the color picker makes selecting pure white next to impossible.

If you can get over these drawbacks, then Drawpad just may be your best bet to use your Wii U as a cheap tablet until Colors! is released like pre-launch videos would have us believe. I'm looking at you, Guy Who Drew A Picture Of Link In Full Color!

Now, finding this app was hard enough as it is, mainly since there aren't many drawing apps that use HTML5 or are compatible with Wii U's web browser, but if you found one that's better, please tell me! I'd like to hear if you had the same problems as I do.
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