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More thoughts about the McInTots video game

The idea I see in my head would have your custom character walk around in 3D, cel-shaded space, now that I've seen that 3D cel-shaded renderings of 2D art CAN look great. You'd be able to explore places like the school, parts of the neighborhood (that you're allowed to go n__n), other kids' homes once you are allowed to come over, even explore your own new home (probably a save point or options menu there somewhere).

Friendship among the kids would be achieved in various ways, be it talking to them, playing games with them, doing nice things for them, etc. Just about any interaction like you make friends in real life. You COULD earn friendship simply by JUST talking, but that doesn't work on ALL the cubs, maybe just Izzy. In order to build a STRONG relationship with each kid, you'd need to exercise MOST or ALL forms of interactivity available to you in the game.

Quests, I guess, would be things like if you pay enough attention to their likes, dislikes, conversations and such, you could figure out (on your own or with a togglable hint option) what would be a nice thing to do for that person and go off and either do it yourself or with the help of any friends you've acquired in order to boost your friendship in a big way, but these would be optional.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
It seems like you really put a lot of effort and thought into the planning of this. Personally I think that everything you say makes perfect sense and that you're definitely on the right track to making this a great project.

The comment i will make is that as this is a free flash game (well you haven’t said anything about it not being free), I don't think people are really going to care too much what the graphics look like so unless they really matter to you they should probably be bottom priority.

Besides the above comment it sounds like it's really shaping up to be a fun idea and I can't wait to see the result!
8 years ago
Thank you very much for your response.

I just want to give McInTots fans something MORE than just the comics.

About the free vs pay... I dunno....... depends on how much is actually put into it in the end. What I'd love to do is end up with a great game, sell it for like only $5 cus I'm not into making money, hell, if it works out, I WOULD release it for free.

Hmm... also releasing on WiiWare, PSN and XBLA would be interesting...

Whatever happens, I just want people to enjoy it.
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