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Once again I ask, Who'd Want A McInTots Video Game?

I'm asking again because I have a considerable amount of new people watching me now.

If there was ever a video game based on McInTots, what would YOU like to see it be?

The reason I ask is because I have several fans around me who at least claim to be able to create games on some level and ask me what I'd like to do regarding a McInTots video game. I can hardly ever come up with anything outside of this one idea that I still like:

A friendship simulator.

It's like a dating simulator, but instead of DATING characters, you become friends with them. You start out as a kid you customize yourself then you're introduced as the new kid in Tay, Izzy, Scooter and Jules' class. You have to become friends with all 6 kids, including Becky (outside of school and recess and stuff) and (hardest) Rex. Each kid would have their own level of friend difficulty (how hard it would be to become their friend) probably along the lines of (from easiest to hardest): Izzy (she's so friendly), Jules (she's REALLY friendly lol), Scooter (shy, but friendly), Tay (don't get hurt), Becky (cynical maybe and not in your class) and finally Rex (no comment lol).

Once you become friends with all 6 kids, the second half of the game begins which is having fun times and adventures with them, like in the comic.

Anyway, that's the only SOLID idea I can come up with that plops you RIGHT in the middle of what makes McInTots lovable.

What ideas do you have? Leave ideas here, or PM them to me if you want.
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
I have to say that I do like your idea. Based on the style of your stories, A text based rpg or a point and click rpg would seem to be the better options for the genre. I think it sounds like an interesting idea personally and I'd love to see how it turns out. I'll just leave this small piece of advice before I go; while fan input is a good thing, always remember that it's your idea and your story not theirs so make it the way you want it.
8 years, 1 month ago
I suggest intermixing the 'fun times' with the friendship simulator.  Anyway, it sounds fun!
8 years ago
I'd be interested. I'd like to see hidden art and other things though.
8 years ago
hidden art?
8 years ago
You know, like finding hidden items and secret locations, amd solveing puzzles might unlock art or new storyline stuff that you wouldnt see normally.  X3
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh, a fellow indie game designer, huh?  Allow me to comment on your idea using my expertise, Ty.  And hello.  It's been so long.  Your friend Kaleb's an awesome dude, by the way.

Your friendship simulator sounds like a great idea for your first game, if you're planning on branching out your IP into a game series.  It sounds like it can be done in very little time once the scripts are made.  The concept of building friendships is simple and easy to do, but I think it may be a little too easy the way you're making it sound.  Which is why I think you should add a level system with skills and attributes to build up.  Skills can consist of various trees like Speech, which can be broken down into Deception, Intimidation, and Charming.  There can also be a Physical tree which consists of Fighting, Flexibility, and Athleticism.  Another skill tree would probably involve Mental skills like Creativity, Common Sense, and Logic.    Attributes can be assigned at the character creation screen and have a direct impact on your character's starting skills.  

These skills and attributes could be improved through gaining EXP by performing constructive activities like doing homework, building Lego sculptures, shooting hoops, drawing pictures, answering questions correctly in class, and most importantly...advancing in friendships.  Add a lot of mini-games and activities, both interactive and non-interactive, that reward the player with experience to level up and assign more skill points and more importantly, give the player a reason to keep playing besides seeing their favorite characters.  Did I mention that achievements/trophies are the current fad in gaming and also add replay value?  Add those to be rewarded to the player when the he/she performs a certain action.  Sweeten the deal by giving the player something special when they gain the achievement, such as concept art or sketches that can only be seen in the game or special clothing to wear/items to use when the achievement is unlocked.

Now, you're probably asking what the skills and attributes can be used for.  These can be used for speech and skill checks in conversations with the characters (such as impressing Izzy with a scientific fact if your Logic skill is high enough) as well as performing special actions in the game world if the skill requirement is met (like ramming an old wooden door down if your strength attribute is high enough).

If you want more help, your friend Kaleb has put the offer for me to help you with development on the table.  Any further questions, or do you want to show me to my office now? ;-)
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