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Terms & Conditions for All Social Medias and More throughout OneNETtv Channel family

Welcome to my official Terms & Conditions of OneNETtv Channel.

I hope you understand my first ever Terms & Conditions and you must be happy about the single way for my Celestia's Law of 2013.

<--Rules Issue: February 14, 2013 (Hearts & Hooves Day is Valentines Day)-->

In SFW...


1. Sparta Duels - You can challenge me for the Sparta Duels at anytime free-of-charge. The rematch can cause PHP53.00 [$1.13] and a service fee can cost PHP1.00+ [$0.02+] to onenettv2011. Any rounds up to 12 rounds like a boxing is also included. The listings of the Sparta Duels will be showned in the Sparta Duel Entries in upcoming dates. Be nice about it as permanent.
2. Sparta Request - Requesting a Sparta Remix is all acceptable as permanently unlimited. Which means, you can PM me to onenettv2011, Mobile (+63926-529-3081 - open to all networks and standard charges apply), e-mail (rhayniel.calimpong1@yahoo.com or derpymail.co.uk), skype: feling009 or online (tinyurl.com/OneNETtvChannel).

3. Music Mash-Ups - From epic music to mixing even My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will mashed up for all acapella episodes by MLPTF2Mods.com. Artist are also available for it. Alternately, You can request via PM me to onenettv2011, Mobile (+63926-529-3081 or +63905-349-8006 - open to all networks and standard charges apply), e-mail (rhayniel.calimpong1@yahoo.com or derpymail.co.uk), skype: feling009 or online (tinyurl.com/OneNETtvChannel).

Note: Music Copyrighters are subject to change links without further notice.
Short Note on 1 & 2: We will no longer both Sparta Duels & temporarily for Sparta Requests due to bullying rights with Daniel James McKenzie from UK & Rizqy Ramadhan from Jakarta, Indonesia to our YT Channel (onenettv2011). If you see suspicious in our behalf from our staff, rep*rt to CrimeStoppers or your local c*ps right now by anytime. Justice is the priority. Period.

4. Streaming Live - OneNETtv Channel schedules NOW every Sunday-Thursday by 10am to 12mn Friday-Monday. Friday & Sunday at 06:00am-12:00mn (MANILA Time) [overtime(s) may vary] and Satruday at 04:00am-02:30am (Sunday tomorrow) (MANILA Time) even the Breaking News and Special Programs like MLP: FiM by Haxmega & The Brony Network (now Bitcoin Nation)'s Stream or my upcoming expensive equipment in the US. The website is vaughn.live.
5. Breaking News Events - Any kind of breaking news may submit us on fb.me/OneNETtvChannel, Twitter: @feling009 or online: tinyurl.com/OneNETtvChannel. Leaked episodes are included. In explicitly addition, NSFW's are acceptable to newgrounds, baraag, trixiebooru (formerly Derpibooru) and Inkbunny and it'll not posted all social medias like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Text usage only is mentionally necessary except the image link on FB, Twitter, etc.
6. Special Coverage - Something good or bad, we'll record it LIVE and it's anything. We got you covered 24/7.
7. Live Events - Any occasion, NSFW's, parties, MLP: FiM broadcast, breaking news and more is public/privately unlimited acceptable. But, NSFW's will not aired to feling009's broadcast except the private livestreaming cams without posting a link thanks to trick.ly and others.
8. Respect Us - You must all respected as permanent. English, Tagalog and Cebuano are welcome. Any languages may translate worldwide directly powered by Google Translate. No flood comments, strong coarse language as the bad or disgusted words, spamming, hate speech, bullying and drama.
9. Be a Brony Committee - I'm a first ever Half-Brony in 2011 when ZeoLightning/SpartanZeo (Zakari Musah) in Dumaguete City, Philippines. It begins with this link --> https://youtu.be/3zaC4DkC9Es. In 2013, Ponyship is my new chief boss of OneNETtv Channel and the best pony. You can, too. Don't be a bullied, be a STAR and be a Full/Half-Brony Committee.
10. Travel Anywhere - I can travel anywhere whatever i want even also in the rest of Equestria City. It cost money for all of it from Airport for flights and more. Donations are promptly acceptable from our 1st Paypal.


10. Twilight Sparkle is my BFF and now... in our STATION MANAGER of ONC - I'm not just a Boyfriend/Girlfriend from the Chowder's Ordinance of 2005, I'm just on my permanent BFF (Best Friends Forever). We'll do more assistance for all of it to my loving of help. Spike can check more books as always for studies.



1. Blocking the Social Purposes - Any social medias or depends to my bad english myself. You can't trust if ya blocking me anytime. Your fine charges is possible. Even it's permablock/banned, i'm definitely reason to inactive all my accounts to permanent except for my file hosting like Mega, 4shared, ow.ly, etc. In addition, if you believe to my right comment or report the single risk.

*blocked*, *deleted to (website)*, aterisk words, or EVEN rude or negative emotions are not or something else as the social medias almost victimization me for the Cybercrime Law of 2012 in the Philippines.

My last thing is not to use it or forced sites deletion occurred in all my accounts to my FB, Twitter, Mega, etc.

2. Copyright Infringement - OneNETtv Channel accept the reports for Copyrights as possible. Any stolen videos or the rest, we'll ask the right people or i'll do my own one (onenettv2011) except the all NSFW sites. It is not condone the activities of my tumblr (bbcphilippines - now on bbcphilippinesnsfw or onenettvchannel). Excluded broadcast is every breaking news counts are applied.
3. Celestia's Law - My important thing for Princess Celestia's Law is try not to do the special risk for the haters, trollers, others are bullied like Babs Seed, victimized for undercover account in the truth place. Be nice for it and Think First Before You Click.
4. Killing The People - Challenging a fight is possible anywhere in a world. It depends on you if ya blocked me TOO much during, before or after like Daniel James McKenzie (DanDaManStudios1). It can cost my/your money charges is subjective as reality.
5. Hating People - If your bad comments are butthurting or phishing around in any local language, it'll automatically blocked yourself for 24 hours and fines as low as PHP100.00+ [$2.25+]. Permablock charges can cost PHP1,000+ [$22.54+]. In Addition; strong coarse language, maturity, sensitive themes, violence, abusive and gores are all banned permanently. To avoid this situation, you have to be nice to ask permission for apology can cost PHP500.00+ [$11.27+] and the chances are unlimited.
6. Spamming - Spamming the comments or others resulted for strong languages, distressing and more is not allowed. The shortened result is not my suspension. It's for us.
7. Flooding - Joke comments or trolling others are also permanently not allowed. You might get disrespect me as usual.
8. Flagged - Flagged videos of YouTube may directly result the Copyright Infringement from me or others. We'll asked the rest alternatively. It was inspired by Presidential Decree #: 1986 (P.D.: 1986)
9. Banned - Banning users can be last up to 24 hours or pay a direct fine for only PHP100.00+ [$2.25+] and Permabanned users can cost greater than PHP1,000+ [$22.54+].
10. Drama - No drama, no escape rule for the pledge apology. The chances are limited after paying a direct fine as low as PHP10,000 lesser. Alicorn Drama are not the short risk is the decision was finalized.
11. Unfollowers - The worst unfollower is powered by you. Let's be honest... All the social and explicitive blogs are acceptable. But the spoilers can gets worse in harm in case if it's interested or not. We suggest you to leave a CLEAN note before you unfollow temporarily, NOT Permanent. You only have 3 lives left to refollow otherwise, you're b&'d permanently. If you wanna pay an extra life and so on - only cost PHP100 a life if ya wanna extend that you won't get spoilered. The refollowers is free of charge. We reserved any of userblock may definitely occur or not. You must COME CLEAN before you LEAVE or RE-FOLLOW once and come back soon politely. :)
12. Spoilers - When you're hating anything else like GAKs, or something like worst reasons (example: One Direction, Fight Listers, Animal Fights, TV or Movie Shows, etc.), we'll resolve it instantly and responded quickly. According to ColeThePony's chat articles, we consider anything else are subject to be blacklisted forever except My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop and any other LIVE Events like Sports, Donations, etc. We make it better anything you want. You must always a spoiler-free environment and there is no limits for your spoiler issue ticket DURING only to my livestream exclusively on OneNETtv.com. Upon your spoilers, we'll delete it unnoticed without any warned. We appreciate your request and your spoiler is always granted. Period.

Take Note for Rule #12 --> Music Mash-up won't include your spoilers except MLP: FiM & LPS for all the good music. We consider it PRIVATE & Unreleased if ya don't like. Public songs will also remain worldwide in the next mash-up is on-going seperately. If you don't want your spoilers during my LIVE Streaming or OFF-The-Air, don't watch it. Just skip/bypass the next one in my next schedule. The next time for your next spoiler-free ticket, we'll handle it instantly & grantly responded, FAST.
13. Unanswered to @feling009's question - If you're something to bypass my official question(s) during any of the live streaming events, we'll consider on your Twitter account is officially and temporarily blocked and blacklisted for a week until Morning in Manila. 2nd offense, your YouTube account considers to be temporarily blocked for a month under without a warning. And finally, your 3rd & final strike will be permanently blocked & blacklisted in all of your social medias includin' your livestream.com's chat IP. We track your address by next year or less and you'll get a death sentence, honestly... by your bodies if you aren't come clean or convicted by you.

1st Offense: Unanswered to @feling009 + your Twitter account is blocked temporarily and blacklisted for a week. To be honest, your grounded temporarily. (COST: FREE for 2 days and/or $2.00 fine)
2nd Offense: Resisting Unanswered to @feling009 + your YouTube account is blocked temporarily for a month. (COST: $100.00 fine)
3rd & Final Offense: It's useless & chanceless on all of your social media + in real life: we completely track your address and we'll get a death sentence unnoticed. Before that, you proved that ya not a robot.

14. Public & Private Bullying (in-and-out) - We are tired of Bullying Alone or Everypony, as under the Republic Act #10627 or Anti-Bullying Act of 2013. Even as i'm urgently insisted you immediately will be cease & desist order, as resulted as permabanned with no excuses and fines & less warning in every centavo of any currency. Anything that's your RUDEST concern or that's not on your taste here in our station left & right, even the negative emotions will be also kicked out, perma-ignored you & permabanned twice and it WON'T Expire your Appealment.

15. Comply our Self-Promotion for either our Next Latest Annoucement or Something Else - Self-Promotion is fair & honest announcements are my favorites. In compliance of Republic Act #10173 or Data Privacy Act of 2012: Section 5, we always announce something new what's coming up. However, same thing as our updated Rule #14... That's also gives you a warning in first offense, as suggested with Golumpa's Nanda.to. See Rule #13 about bypassing my annoucements/questioning under our next self-promotions proofs more illegal vs. the spam links of yours as advertisers. Paid & Free ones are OK to announcement but ask about the self-promotion first BEFORE YOU START. Period.

16. Hackers Will Be Forbidden - Some hackers may shown all the infos & website DDoS may infrequently illegal. Any further attempts like for example, "Our news station and broadcast has been hacked". -- You've been permabanned & permanently blacklisted as we speak. We'll investigate it immediately during OneNETnews Bullentins in our LIVE Streams. There is no penalty & parole required to bail them out sadly...


17. Don't Be Sued To Your Network - If you're possibly kicked out to us on your local IRC Chat with the M*ds... Your strikes will be counted with a Vi*lati*n Ticket are recorded directly from our Twitter (@feling009). If you're NOT paying your fines after a month, you'll be automatically both sued & bl*ck*d unnoticed -- to your network (except Equestria Inquirer: Unlimited) as your 2nd offense (equals 2nd strikes). You have to think before you act (much honest but spoiler-free). RESPECT with us or you're IRC Chat will be discontinued immediately if it's approval.

You can pay first to APPEAL your Ban either on your Livestream, Chatango and/or UStream's Chat IP considers in temporarily/permanent is only for PayPal users. Must be 18+ to pay up your bans and tweets us @feling009 on Twitter if ya done. Or you can bear to wait to unban automatically and ya free to go. E-Mail Us to appeal your ban at onenettvph1@gmail.com or ColeThePony will assist your whitelist at colemac1@live.ca. OneNETtv Channel deserves the rights to appeal your chat ban as anywhere. But not here.

Q: How to pay up your penalties directly from the Staff?
A: You can PAY your penalties/bail at ONCE on our Paypal on this [link] . We'll also sending your SMS Load in a virtual COD (Cash-on-Delivery) style payment. Which means, we'll automatically unbanned/unblocked instantly (throughout the social sites in selective) without warning & strikes will be auto-lifted. Contact to OneNETnews Team for more info/details.

Always remember... Keep clean & green. No spoilers, strong/coarse/salty language(s) and everything else. Be careful as always. That's all.

<--Rules Issue: June 9, 2013--> [1-10]
<--Rules Issue: December 30, 2013--> [11]
<--Rules Issue: Feburary 2, 2014--> [12]
<--Rules Issue: Feburary 6, 2014--> [13]
<--Advisory Issue: May 26, 2014--> [14]
<--Rules Issue: Dec. 25, 2014 (Christmas Day)--> [15]
<--Advisory Issue: Jan. 19, 2015--> [16]
<--Rules Issue: Feb. 23, 2015--> [17]
<--Rules Issue: Mar. 18, 2015 (SFW - Phasing out 1 & 2 for Sparta Remixers, #10 UPDATED)--> [18]
<--Rules Issue: Mar. 13, 2019 (changes of newest rules for #16-17 and fewer newly revised)--> [19]

In NSFW...

1. Why does NSFW on OneNETtv Channel & WEAZEL News publicly?

Answer: Because of that, we don't post the explicit broadcast for tracking purposes or something else via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other sites except Tumblr, Imgur and now Inkbunny.

2. Re-colored the artist and what software do you need?

Answer: Adobe Photoshop by Pixlr & Paint (optional) in behalf from Adobe. It can takes time to download the software when you're bored off. Only the free photoshop online is the best one.


3. Distribute to your old fashioned dumpsite secretly?

Answer: YES. Permission acquired applies without noticing your copyrights by DMCA nor tracking in via Google Search. You may e-mail us in private at rhayniel[dot]calimpong[at]derpymail[dot]co[dot]uk or onenettvph1[at]gmail[dot]com and it's ready to distribute. Just think first before you click. Bon appetite!


1. See the same rules at SFW section (at the top) by #'s: 1-3.
2. Don't multiply the post otherwise, the administrator urgently reviewed everywhere like Derpibooru and more.

If you all breaking more rules, it can cost a Expensive FINE and all my ACCOUNTS will remain inactive for 15-30 straight business/original days in a hard time like the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Let Queen Chrysalis can kill you ONCE like a tiarawhy if it's unresponsive and disrespective person alone. RESPECT YOURSELF and BE NICE. That's all.

Terms & Conditions may subject the changes without priority notice.

And that's it for my Terms and Conditions of OneNETtv Channel. Just follow my rules and you may understand from us. Take care and God Bless. Mabuhay po kayo.
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