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Cub art required?

uuhh... hmm.

I wonder, do I -have- to draw/upload cub related art here to be popular/get attention?
I am not bitching about how much attention I have been receiving here so far, but I do wonder while looking through the featured submissions ^^"
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
It's not required.  There aren't really "featured" submissions.  Those are just the most popular submissions from the past three days.  In a way it depends on what kinds of art were posted in that time frame.

I can understand why people think of Inkbunny as cub-centric.  Most people who draw cub porn (and the fans of that art) migrated here while many other artists still use FA as their primary gallery.  So cub artists and cub lovers are more active, even if cub art is a small portion of actual Inkbunny submissions.  If a more varied group of artists and art fans became more active, then maybe there wouldn't be as much cub stuff in the popular section.  But given how popular FA is, that might not happen for a while.
8 years, 2 months ago
Well, in general I'd say "No".
But after all we have to see how the website developed so far. Some of the first members were either cub artists or at least cub supporters, as far as I know (forgive me if I'm wrong, no bad intention here). And most likely they have more cub artists in their friendlists and thus invite even more of them.
In addition there was the FA cub porn ban, which got even more cub artists over here and along with them many of their fans.

So, basically Inkbunny has the same potential to attract non-cub artists and fans as FA, but for this IB first has to reach at least a portion of FAs members.

I THINK that many people that use FA just are a bit lazy and/or unmotivated to maintain and follow another furry art site (understandable, I think) and thus the user income might be a bit slowed down. Cub porn artists/fans, though, are being kinda "forced" as they cannot have that stuff on FA anymore.

So, I still say, "no", in general you don't have to draw cub art. But I think currently it just has the biggest attention as many "cubs" migrated here and as one of the biggest sources is gone now. But I personally think this is a more or less temporary condition.

Once more time passes and more people join Inkbunny, I think stuff will "even out" a bit more.
We just have to get more people over here, of course. :D

This said, I enjoy cub and non-cub art alike and I certainly hope that both "sides" will soon share more-or-less equal attention here.^^

(And of course, great artists calling their fans out to join here might also help :D)

8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
I love how you put it simple. *uploads cub*
8 years, 2 months ago
from what ive seen, IB doesnt have the numbers FA does. i see rates of uploads, comments, activity in general on the site is downscaled.

however, on the other hand, cub porn apparently takes up less than 5% of inkbunny, but i have a feeling that's the 5% that tends to make the "popular" page.

does it have to be cub? no. sell out a little. /34/ always brings in a crowd. xD
toon and chibi works too =D
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