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My year of puppy hell/bliss

So yeah it's been the worst year of my life for me, creatively.  I have sucked as a writer.  Raising a puppy just saps all your time and energy and patience and cash and sanity.  Be thankful it isn't like raising a kid or I'd be gone 18 years.  I feel like a marathon runner who's been bed bound for 9 months and keeps trying to work up to running another marathon by just jumping out of bed one day and doing it.  You can guess how that ends.

So it made me think about how my writing is going and what's going to be the best approach to get me back to writing fitness.  I don't stop thinking about writing, I don't stop wanting to write, but all I want to write and get out there for you guys is Bump In The Night.  I'm totally log-jammed for anything else.  I hate it when I follow an author and a series stalls and they start releasing other stuff and then that series NEVER EVER GETS DONE.  Yet, it often follows that for a successful writer it's a great strategy to keep a few projects on the go, so whenever you get stuck, you don't stop writing, you just write something different.  Writing is like a muscle, use it or lose it, it's really important to keep in practice, keep it a habit.  I've been sucking at that.

I want to make you guys a proposal and a promise.  I'm going to start writing and releasing other stuff that's been spinning round my head, before I go stir-crazy.  Short stories, tid-bits, teasers, snippets, vignettes, and so on.  This is how I'll restore my writing habit, and this is how I'll get Bump In The Night out the door.  As a bonus you get to see a lot more varied content from me.  That is my proposal.  My promise is, I'm not abandoning Bump In The Night.  I won't stop until it's done.  It won't be out straight away, you'll see other submissions from me first.  But this way you'll see it faster.  So, I hope all of you are able to keep the faith, and enjoy the other things, and all the while be safe in the knowledge it's all stoking the fires of Bump In The Night and getting that written too.  Watch this space :)

(Oh and not all of this other writing will appear here as Inkbunny won't allow human/animal sex scenes)
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Its nice to see you are still alive ^_^ Your loyal fans will be happy to hear this. Welcome back
6 years, 5 months ago
Welcome back! Don't push yourself too hard, or you'll get burnt out. That happened to me.
6 years, 5 months ago
You can't feel too beholden to your own work, or your fans expectations, or they just become a millstone around your neck.

It'd just be great to have you back writing, whatever it is you write :3
6 years, 5 months ago
As a fellow writer, I'd say this is a pretty good plan. I'd say go for it! :)

(who really, and I mean really, needs to do the same... :P )
6 years, 5 months ago
I've been struggling with writing for a while now.  I've come to terms with the fact that this is largely due to a chronic procrastination problem of mine and I just need to force myself to write.  Easier said than done, of course, as it's so much more fun to procrastinate and play video games and stuff.

It's great to have an update from you, of course.  I guess I'll keep a look out on SoFurry for your other stories.  I wonder what kind of human/animal stories you'll write.
6 years, 5 months ago
I hear ya, Zei, I hear ya.

I don't know whether this would work for you, but something that has been helpful for me is try to tie my gaming to my creativity. I've been playing a lot of Minecraft, and although it doesn't help much for the storytelling, it helps a lot with the planning for worldbuilding.

However, I think the main reason it's working for me is because the main character of my two main projects is the world. As none of the other characters really survive long enough for me to call them "main" characters. (although, one of the two projects centers around two characters that survive for about 2/3 of the story each, overlapping for the middle 1/3 of it. The other project, however, I kill off "main" characters much more frequently.)

But I will say Ven is right about keeping a side project or two. When your brain becomes completely drained on one topic, it helps to shift focus to another rather than try to headbutt a mental wall until you're through. By the time you're done the wall will be easier to approach, and perhaps you will have gained some tools to help you get around it. After a while, the wall's appearance will become less and less frequent, until you can write however much you want to write with nothing there to stop you.

I used to only be able to write a paragraph or two before I had to put the pencil down, now that I've exercised a bit, I'm up to writing a scene at a time. Hopefully I'll get my endurance up enough to put out a whole chapter in one shot... (Well, I can dream, can't I?) The only problem I have now is which scenes I put out, as they don't come out of my head in linear order very easily... I suppose I'll find the trick to that with enough time and practice.
6 years ago
Same here. I like to write and have a couple book series ideas even. I've started both, but it takes months if not years between chapters. I'll write a whole chapter in a few days, and then it will be so long before I write again. Having the same problem with the fanfics I write too. Luckily only one of the fanfics actually has much of a following...though I still haven't updated it in...about 7 months maybe? And I have no excuses.
I do agree with ToidiDiPuts though. Worldbuilding does help. As does trying new projects, to an extent (part of the reason I have so many projects going). But I also have your chronic procrastination problem as well, and prefer playing video games. But since rpgs are my favorite kind of game and character design is one of my favorite parts of writing I nearly always play as one of my characters from my stories. Heck, the few times I make a new character in my rpgs, they often end up as a character I decide to add to my story.  So now I have nearly this entire world for my one story fleshed out because of this, but still haven't written much. Still facing that roadblock. Heh, I even tried running a dnd campaign in the world of my story, and it did help give me ideas and would have been great (because the thing with dnd is that the DM can't procrastinate since the other players are sitting right there waiting on you, it forces improv)...if my dnd group expressed interest in continuing it...
Just need to force myself back in the game. Of writing that is.
6 years, 5 months ago
I am ashamed. I actually forgot all about ABitN and you... God I suck at being a fan of something.

Hope you get the writing vibe back quickly =]

[Make sure to tell us about the non-IB stuff when it's released. For instance, I don't use any other site but this and dA, and I know there's a lot of people like that too]
6 years, 5 months ago
Wow. But yeah puppies can take a lot out of ya, it's as intense as raising a child without the extra window-breaking cries. Glad to see you're okay aside that, take as much time as ya need.
6 years, 5 months ago
yea my issue is collage gotta get that dam paper
and i cant seem to ever finishing my comic
here is a link if you wanna read some...
saddly i cant seem to update new stuff that often
but hope you all like... not as muchas i like
reading your stories btw... X3

6 years, 5 months ago
As any athlete knows, you need to warm up before moving into the major stuff.  Glad to see you're OK and that the only reason for your absence was puppy power (the power to keep their owners constantly second-guessing what they'll do next and then doing something completely unexpected!)
6 years, 5 months ago
Good to know you're still alive. I look forward to reading all that you write.
6 years, 5 months ago
Welcome back.
6 years, 5 months ago
welcome back! It's nice to hear that you return. It will be interessting to read other stuff you write too. Say will you take commissions in that time?
6 years, 5 months ago
Welcome Back :3  
6 years, 5 months ago
Yay welcome back. Hehe no worries. Write other stuff if you need to. Art can't be rushed. And who knows, maybe what is born from this will be just as good. Lol
6 years, 5 months ago
/cries tears of joy
The mere fact that you at least posted a Journal makes me whimper and weep with joy of joys!!
6 years, 5 months ago
Good to hear you're back, Vendetta.
You'll be back in the swing of things in no time.
: 3
6 years, 4 months ago
Your proposal is acceptable and welcome back!
6 years ago
Just read the journals and that explains where you've been then. Well I hope you get back soon then. And if you aren't releasing them here, where then? I enjoy your writing and would like to see these other stories too.
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