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My Thoughts on Valentines Day

More like my thoughts on worlds unluckiest Holiday... every single Valentines Day I end up single WTF :( I mean I can pick up any girl I want if I play my cards right with her but for some reason I always end up:
Relationship Status RL:
Straight: single
Gay: single
Relationship Status online:
Straight: single
Gay: single
I dunno what's up if it's me or something I'm doing or uh *nods in sadness* I had a girlfriend and a boyfriend during the Summer-Fall season of 2012 I'm thinking this is perfect I love her He loves me they know each other lets go :D... but then I moved to Ohio and with in a month My Girldfriend left me fearing we'd never see each other again and my boyfriend well former boyfriend is a slut nuff said He was with me here in Ohio for two weeks and ended up sleeping with one of my college mates :/ So I kicked him out of my house and told him to go find his boy toy or sleep somewhere else I don't tolereate cheaters. In the end I'm left with nothing but a broken heart where as online I never had one to begin with because I've never been in a relationship... yet but there is a girls I know in Real Life who wants to hook up with me in an online relationship, but that's DA and this is IB so it doesn't count D: in the end I'm left with nothing but don't let me ruin your Valentines day I might as well keil over and die from so much of this stress anyways... Happy Valentines Day
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