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Kitty Update: Life, Taxes, and the Irony that is Hasbro

Sup everyone?  

Coming at you with another update once again.  So far things has been going good, but I ran into a couple of snags.  Some better than others though.  First off we're helping out a fellow fur after going through a complete over the top rough time.  He's settling in well but as far as planning on what to do as far as work goes, he'll just have to wing it.  Seems the one responsible has shot themself in the foot...rather their Achilles heel to the point where they can't walk.  What do I mean by that statement?  The accuser accused it's guardian.  Now the person is facing major regret and it can only get worse from what I've been told.

Cool thing is that our friend works at the same place we do, just at a different department.  Plus, now that he's away from the chaos, it'll give him time to settle down and relax.  I know I had those moments where I have to get away from the house to settle my nerves when I get ticked off.

Next on the update is tax season.  I'm getting a good amount this year.  Too bad the federal and state can't go through at once.  That and I think the state might have confused my two last names as middle and last.   But I haven't gotten any correction statements as of yet.  The only snag to that still is what do I spend it on?  I already mention what I want to do, but sure enough a got a few opportunities that will stray that plan further.    "Hey, I'm offering this smooth running flawless car for $500." "There's an associate sale at work for furniture and retail items on payday."  Seriously guys "Will I EVER get my gaming computer" is the million dollar question of my life now.

Now for the one thing that I'm sure that anti and pony haters will love to read.  Is it me, or does the phrase "Love and Tolerate" do not apply at Hasbro?  I'm still a little bit confused. After watching the brony documentation of who they are, I'm still don't know why the creator had to leave the staff.  That's the second hint that something is wrong with Hasbro.  The first one is the whole Derpy Hooves saga.  Now all of a sudden I can find her anywhere on any episode of season 3.  The third hint was told by a fellow fur that went to MFF saying that he saw a bunch of suits marched directly to the head staff and told them never to show, distribute, or mention anything about My Little Pony at the con.

First off, it's a furry convention not a national conglomerate for everyone to see.  We're not broadcasting anything worldwide either.  Granted if the "Seen on TV" theme was at Anthrocon, then that would make sense.  But Midwest FurFest is a local con.  I guess being bumped up to second best con in the US has it's flaws...  And now the Coop de Gracie! You know the awesome fan made fighting game. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic?  The creators of this well elaborate fighting game, Mane 6, has been slapped with a Cease and Desist order from Hasbro!  I understand it's a kids show, but it sparked a lot of fucking creativity that no one has ever seen before thanks to the MLP crew.  Music creators, artist, writers and even programmers of actual games in development.  They are dedicating themselves their own free time to show all of us how they love the cartoon.

Fuck man....I thought FA was bad by using "pedophilia" and "bestiality" as ultimate excuses to get rid of any R34 toon, feral, video game, and MLP character out there, but now I'm thinking that the company of Hasbro is just trying to kill the brony fandom.  If they ever stop a brony con in it's tracks, then all hell is going to break loose and I know that every pony hater is going to enjoy the destruction.  It's just like Uncle Kage said at MFF.

"I guess Hasbro doesn't like money!"

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6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
also going to FF?
6 years, 2 months ago
Ok, I hate MLP but even I think this is pure BS. Is hasbro really this stupid?
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