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art que and update (important)

hey guys first off just a lil update on my art que.

to do list

2 pics for pikazap : 1 done , 1 sketched

1 comic page (4 pics) for wakkatheman : unstarted

Now for the important update. there my be a slight slow down in art production from me.

for the past two weeks ive been having occassional muscle pain. This week it has gotten increasingly more painful.

my back aches , all my joints pop painfully at any slight movement , my ribs (especially on the right side) tend to grind against each other and pop , also very painfully. its gottn to the point were it hurts to sit up and it hurts to lay down.

I am allmost sertain i know the reason behind the pain.

I try to keep it hidden but my home life outside of the web is not a great one. I live with my manipulative abusive lil brother and my allways angry jack ass dad. niether one of them care much for me. My art work is my only sorce of income besides from the rare occassions my dad pays me to babysit my brother. I dont get very much food and nutrition here. I am lucky if i get one meal a day , tho most of the time i live off of soda , gateraid , and crackers or ramen noodle. My dad doesent keep the house stalked with ingrediants or easy to make food , so even if i knew how to cook (witch i dont , no one ever tought me and im a hands on learner so cook books dont help) there wouldnt be food in the house for me to cook. He eats out allways and allmost never cooks at home.

I have been losing weight and now i am only weighing 87 pounds. im 19 and 5'5 so i am VERY skinny. its gotten to the point were I can now visibally see my hips , ribs , kneecaps and elbows , and my spine (witch is allready crooked from scoliosis)

Im pretty sure the cause of my pain is malnutrition. After a week of begging my dad he is finally taking me to the doctor either tonight or tomorrow morning.

On top of all of that I have a court date on thursday for being falsly accused f child abuse because I accidentally kicked my little brother. Im canadian so worst case scenario is they find me guilty and I get deported back to canada.

Im really stressed out and in a lot of pain but for the few  hours a day i can sit up I will be woring on commissions non stop because getting art out to my loyal watchers is very important to me and I dont like to make my customers wait.

I will be working as hard as i can to get your art piece done and im very very sorry for any delays.

for those who stuck around to read all this I give big heart filled hugs to each of you <3
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Bloody heck cassy ya's got reading this in disbelief hear. i mean ya you did look a bit thin in the streams but i didn't know you only was 87 pounds and can see your hips, ribs, kneecaps and elbows. that's not good. it wouldn't surprise me if your body's muscles where in bad shape to. to me this is something that should of been looked into a long time ago but regardless i hope you'll get what you need after seeing the doctor and get well soon. :/
6 years, 2 months ago
I've been asking my dad to take me to the doctor for quite some while. I've allways been skinny but after the flu when my weight kept dropping and the pain started was when I really started pushing to be seen. I'm in the doctors office now waiting to have blood work done. They prescribed me kodine for the pain.
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