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To set some records straight...

To set some records straight...

As of last night, my happiness with Mixy has officially come to an end.
And it was all his doing....

Some people on a couple chats rooms have been led to believe, by his words and complaints about me, that I am attempting to

sacrifice my happiness for some e-play.

It has become clear to me last night this is not the case.
So everyone who thinks that should do a 180.

It is Mixy sacrificing his happiness for it, not me.

Point in case.
I'm not online nearly half as much as he is, because I work full time to support him.
When I get home, the first thing I do is go to him - EVERY day - to get some attention from him.
Failing that is when I finally do get online - because I am truly lonely and have been denied asked for attention.

Proof in case:
Did what I normally did after work last night.
Was denied.
Went online to provide others my attention instead, noone seemed to want it.

So I went AFK to go curl up, a bit sad from the lack of attention.

Took Mixy 10 minutes to come in and demand what I wanted, now I understand he was having some e-fun.. That actually wasn't

bothering me any.

What broke it all for me was that when I asked him for some attention, I just wanted to be held for a bit by this point, he gave me

the perverbial "go fuck yourself" and told me to get back on my computer and "try again"

No, there was no, "let me finish then I'm yours ok?" there was "just go"

So, I got a bit more upset... Got on my computer and just started talking to a friend whos been talking to him.
He mentioned Mixy not liking me talking about my ex.

Well shit, my ex may ignore me like this at time, but at least he made sure I was tended to that night.
Everything blew over when I went to try to talk this out to Mixy, and he got more upset at me, which made me upset at him.

So I said exactly that to him... Letting him know that I feel he is sacrificing our relationship because he ignores me just like my

ex did... and even did tell him that at least my ex tended to me.  Which is something Mixy won't do.

With that, he basically told me that I'll never get any attention from him ever again.

This entire time, I was doing my best to remain calm and not try to cause a scene.

After a while, there was stuf going on in the chat we both frequent, so I went into the room he was in because I wasn't able to

follow the main chat.  I knew he was having his fun, even expected to see him attempt to continue - even though he just started a huge fight with me.

A lot of things were going on in my head.. and a lot fo thoughts too.. but I said nothing to him or the person he was with in the


He gets upset, PM's her and tells her theyll have to continue later..

She then goes "I hope you are satisified by your actions, don't ever talk to me"

So I told her that she better leave us both alone if she doesn't want anything bad on her own concience.  Because I said nothing to

her... and only talked about my feelings to ONE other person - because Mixy WAS NOT listening to me.

He was so pissed, he punched holes into the walls, threatened me, and then refused to sleep in the same bed as me.
Which is fine, because right now - I'm scared out of my mind just being around him.

All this because I just wanted to be held??
So who's the one in the wrong here?
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