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Life, art and Japan...

Right folks, I'm gonna start with a subject thats making me want to hulk out and destroy people. There are people in this world that look at this disaster in Japan and think "God" is paying them back for Pearl Harbor? Are you fucking shitting me? Seriously? How deluded, ignorant and STUPID do you have to be to even put the two together? Google "Pearl Harbor death toll", and you'll see that at Pearl Harbor, only 2,350 died. Now, for the americans spouting this bullshit, and saying the Japanese had it coming, why not try to fucking remember Hiroshima/Nagasaki? The americans dropped their nukes and killed between 170,000-220,000. And how the death toll for this earth quake and tsunami is at around the 20,000 mark and rising. So how can anyone justify saying the Japanese deserved this? It's the most idiotic, assinineand down right insulting thing I've ever heard. And trust me folks, if I know somebody that believes the Japanese deserved this, I'll disown the motherfucker so god damned hard they wouldn't know what happend. NO ONE deserves to have over 70% of their country destroyed. No one deserves to see their town, townspeople, friends and family killed as a huge wave of water litterally destroys everything in it's path. If you think they did, then please find the highest point in your area and fucking throw yourself off. Why? Because your scum. Your a worthless piece of flesh thats stealing my air. Now, onto other things.

Right now my artistic drive has been shot. Maybe it's because of everything happening around me currently, or maybe I just dont have the drive right now. Who knows? But untill I feel the urge to draw again, all artistic endevors of mine are on a hault. That includes requests, trades and commissions. Will I be streaming any game footage any time soon? Probably not. As of late I've really just wanted to keep myself to myself, you know? Only speak to a select few who I feel can help me through this down period. Now folks, please dont feel I dont like you enough because I'm not speaking too you during this time, but the people who I am speaking too are people who know me inside and out. Know all my quirks and know how to handle me in these situations. But me being me, I'll suddenly get into the artistic mood sooner or later and throw out several things at once. Thats how I work, right? Now, onto the next subject. One I know some of you have wanted to know about.

X-Factor. How did it go this year? Well, it went the same as last year. Well, not exactly. Last year I went in less than half arsed and failed like a pathetic piece of shit. This year? I went in prepared (even though I went alone again, since my friend ditched me litterally befor we were supposed to leave), trained and I failed once again. Am I as angry as I was at last years failure? No. This year I went in and tried my best and still didnt make it. So what does that mean to me? It means to me that my voice, that was once award winning, just isn't upto par anymore. Will I try for X-Factor again next year? No. Why waste my time when I know my voice isn't what it once was? My wife, kids and family enjoy my voice and that's all that matters. Will I record any songs in the future for you lot to hear? Probably not. There are many other furs out there that can sing, and it's not hard to find them.

Damn...this journal has been pretty depressing hasn't it? Shit should improve sooner or later. Peace, peeps.
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Added: 8 years, 4 months ago
8 years, 4 months ago
People are actually saying this?

where? fucking religious nuts ruing everything
8 years, 4 months ago
Places like Facebook and Twitter. Ignorance is still ignorance.
8 years, 4 months ago
dear god im so fed up with  all the religious creeps that spout this load of bull i cant believe it this really ticks me off
8 years, 4 months ago
Yeah, how can people forget that the nukes were the (horribly unbalanced and terrible) answer to Pearl Harbor? Did people really forget that the USA is the only country to ever use nukes at a time of war? =O We got serious blood on our hands, even though it was a long time ago, it shouldn't be forgotten. I've been to Japan, I visited Hiroshima.. If you don't know, Google or Wikipedia it. Ignorance is not a good excuse for sounding/being racist.

I hope your art drive comes back soon, hon. Don't forget, I'll be your muse anytime. ^_^;; *hugs tight*

I'm glad you're taking it well. I'm sure it wasn't fun but at least you're not super crushed about it. I really like your voice, I hope to hear more of it soon. <3
8 years, 4 months ago
The God you love is gone,
He lies broken by your shame.
The thing that took His place already died.
(Gary Numan, Listen to my Voice...)
8 years, 4 months ago
>.> gods work or not the fact of the matter is the idiots saying that are only half right its not god getting them back or any such
BS like that the fact is it lays with the other fact that 2012 is the year the Mayans said something about a great disaster in that year
all the stuff that's been happening lately is increasing an will only get worse as we draw closer to 2012 it may seem like the end of the world but we don't know what to expect till it gets here
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