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Basic look info.

ok since I don't have a updated color art of me I will describe it and try to use other art and pics as reference.. I look like this


as a base idea that is true but adding color and detail

my eyes should be snake like but I don't rilly care hoe they are drawn pupil wise any more...just make um pretty...my iris in the eyes are this color the color of Maraschino cherries


the markings under them are like a cheetahs, so are my main colors on my fur but the spots themselves should be fewer and like a leopards. that pretty kind of open c is mark....leopard markings are everywhere, haha. I just don't want a huge concentration. I guess I want them noticeable but not little dots all over. I want the gold to stand out more. its pretty..........I am a Ocelot bunny hybrid rilly its just the only way I can think to describe it.
here is a good example of the eye markings on this page

and um.... my ear tips are black.....my leaf shaped tail is cream, as is the palm of my hands and hair and my fur from my collar bone to the pelvis (pubic area I think is another term for that?) frontal and side views, not on the back..and my inner ears.... my hair is chin length and wavy with slight curls at the ends but in the end it can be any length.. I grow it and cut it alot.... in real life so it fits my fursona would... I also have black socks and gloves that go up to just before the knees and elbows. and if you must go (or I must) to a nude.....I'd be light pink on nipples and slit.....
my horns are small and the color of charcoal and..
My wings are a very light grey,,,, and normally very large and 6 in number and angel wings.....but because this is hard to draw and it would likely take up the whole frame making me hard to see. please just draw 2 small ones....chibi wings if you will so they are represented and not hacked off.... fold them on my back on top of that if you much but make some part of them visible. its the thought that counts.

and yes I realize the picks or pages they are on may not have the image this is why I described it as best I could as well...

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