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It burns.... It burns...

Well I had my surgery today, another little scar on my back eight more stitches this time on the back of my shoulder.

So I've been laying here staying off my back thinking weird thoughts, smoking catnip and playing Dragons Dogma.  interesting game  I made my char a little shota anime boy with my main Pawn being a huge muscled scarred soldier...  

I Like my little pipe  but I think I'll like my new pipe even better

I don't think I'll be able to work tomorrow so It's going to be writing all day If I can pull it off maybe I can finally get this commission story done
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Very nice :-)  I now want t play this game :-)
6 years, 4 months ago
It's pretty fun with a vast amount of character customization.   I uses smallest skinniest forms to get my child like body,  and My Pawn uses the tallest most muscled sliders.  and I gave him the most aggressive macho stance and me a more timid and feminine stance.  And my pawn looks freaking cool with all the scars and face tattoo.  I also learned that the body customization effects the game.  Because he's so much more muscled then me My pawn can carry a lot more then me but I'm quicker.  It's got a pretty interesting skill system you choose either fighter, mage or strider (mine) at the start but you can change your class at inns for money at any time Strider is cool though, duel wielding daggers with archery for long range.  and each job has hybrid vocations,  I'm thinking of moving to the assassin class,  this lets me keep my bow and move up to one handed swords.

Its a pretty open world game, with a unique giant monster mechanic.  With certain giant monsters you have to grab onto them and climb them to get to there weak points.  Like with a chimeria grab on and climb up to cut off the snake tail,  or stab the magic spitting goat head to death.  

So far I've fought some wolves, lots of goblins, some harpies, snakes, spiders, ghosts, bandits and suarians(lizard men...)  For giants I killed a severely wounded cyclops (climb up it and stab it in the eye) cut off one head of a hydra, and fought and ogre (there are two more in the same cave but killing one oger was tough enough I'll come back with better weapons)

The cool bit is your pawns, Pawns are magical constructs that you pull into this dimension to fight for you.  You get one custom Pawn you get to design and then you can summon other pawns as you play.   the cool thing though is that if your connected to the net the pawns you summon are actually other players created pawns.  the cool thing is Pawns learn from game play better tactics against certain monsters,  and if you pawn goes on adventures with other players, he learns from those adventures too, and when the player sends your pawn back he can send gifts with them.   It's a pretty cool function.

a couple of down sides though,  Your Pawns are talkative and you'll probably hear them say "they ill like fire" or variations on the same advice a few a dozen times in a single battle (so far I haven't found anything that Likes fire so kill it with fire is usually good advice)   and there is no fast travel  pluss monsters spawns are fixed so you'll find the same monsters in the same spots
6 years, 4 months ago
hope you feel better, glad you like Dragons Dogma my Dad is friends with the guy who wrote the music for it.
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