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Open for Story Commissions!!

So after a couple of ideas, I have decided to officially take Story Commissions. How will my commissions work? Probably similar to every other person who does Story commissions. It'll be based off of length. The following outlines the length for the amount I'll charge.

1 dollar per page in a story (On a Word document that is).

Simple, right? You can ask what you'd like me to limit it to, or tell me to write the story. I won't purposely prolong it to make it cost more if that is the case, but I will make sure that it is complete (IE: Beginning, middle, and end).

When will they be finished? I'd like to say... within a week after I have started them. Why do I say that? Well, if I receive 5 commissions at once, I can't very well say all 5 will be finished within the week. But at the same time, I can give myself a week to finish the first one, then a week after the first is finished to do the second. And anything that might delay it will be posted up as well as PMed directly to commissioners.

Editing works as follows. I will do ONE MAJOR edit to a story. I will do one large edit, and several smaller edits for character purposes. So if I show you the story, and you aren't pleased with it, send me a DETAILED PM of what you don't like. The less detail, the less that I end up changing because I feel the rest is fine.

All commission work may be posted up on both my Inkbunny and Furaffinity account (Provided they follow the terms of either site). This way, I can effectively add on to my current list of watchers. And you may also post the story to yours so long as you link back to my account.

When is payment accepted? After it's finished but before I show it to you. This way I can tell you exactly how long it is. Accepting payment early on is difficult due to the nature of the amount I charge for story commissions. If you want me to limit it to a specific number of pages, then you may, but I still won't accept payment until it's done. This is, however, asked for before I show anything to you. So if an edit is done and it makes the story longer, then it depends on who's fault it is. If it's mine for missing something, the edit is free. If it's something you forgot to tell me, then I'll be charging you  more for the edit (At my discretion). So be thorough with your descriptions please.

That all being said, I have one major rule about this. If you ask for a commission and then it gets finished and you can't pay for it, I won't let you ask for another commission from me until this one is complete. Since I'm spending the time writing it out and I won't be posting anything until after it's paid for, I'll get nothing for the work I do. So if you seek a commission from me, make sure you have the money set aside.

Lastly... If you have any questions about it... ASK! I have no problem answering questions, I have big problems with those who just assume the answer. I'm not sure what kind of content I won't be comfortable writing about, and I don't intend on doing a ton of research just for commissions, unless you don't mind waiting a little longer for the commission to be complete.

I look forward to working with you all, and forgive me at first as this is the first time I've done commissions. To get started, I'll only take 3 slots of commissions for this. It'll help me understand how to do them and see if I can even keep up with it. In the event that I can't, I will happily refund those who are not satisfied. Slots will be held for 2 days without payment before being opened for others.



[PS: Anyone who helps spread the word is greatly appreciated. Even if you can't pay for one right now, I appreciate those who can help me get the word out that I am doing Story based commissions]
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
Guess I'm gonna be your only customer.

Before I tell you what I'd like for a story, I want.....an assurance that you will do it. You see, I've been having plenty of disappointments lately because some artists which I've been commissioning show no respect by ignoring my request for a status update. I'm even thinking of reporting some of them for that. I didn't pay just to be ignored. I paid them so that they do the job. But alas.

Anyways, the story I'm asking you to write comes from a picture that I have commissioned someone to do, and he didn't even do a sketch yet because of some events going around in his life. At least he told me what's happening, so I'm not really disappointed in him.

And the characters in this story are to be depicted as anthro, if that's okay. I'll tell you the details in an FA note cuz I get on there much more than here.
3 years, 5 months ago
are you still taking commissions
3 years, 5 months ago
Its been awhile since I've taken a commission but I'm willing to hear the idea you have in mind. Send me a pm and we'll talk there
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