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Rant: Art Snobs and Auctioning Slots

Today I was wandering around various chan sites, when I cam across something that really rubbed my fur the wrong way.  On the gay furry section of the site U-18Chan, I found a thread for "horrible art"- where art snobs were displaying very amiture yiff art from various artists and poo-pooing on it.  One person even left a comment saying that without criticism, those who have a bad hand at drawing will never improve.  Thing is, there is a huge difference between giving art critique; and basically spitting on it because it was drawn well enough to make your dick twitch.  It is art snobs like these that make aspiring furry artists either give up, or censor their art and put the good stuff on a pay site so they can make cash off all the sniveling snobby tards that whine about that artist censoring their work.

Also another thing that is grinding my gears lately is seeing some artists auctioning off any empty slots they have instead of just saying they are open for commissions.  This action makes the prices they set for commissions irrelovent because any stupid squirming whore for their work would be willing to pay out the ass for a slot.  And yes, I have already heard the squawking from some artists that they should be paid the same as that as a professional artist outside the fandom.  However here is the thing- you artists are merely drawing smut that will never show in some fancy gallery or have any actual value outside of the fandom.  No high nosed art critic would look at your pic of an orgy of foxes and say "this art is splendid. I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars for work like this", so you shouldn't auction off commission slots as if you are going to paint the last supper and send it to the Luev.  We already have enough bickering and fight in the fandom thanks to a lot of the he said/she said drama lama bullshit, so we don't need people biting at one another's throats for a porn pic that outside the fandom would only be worth a couple of bucks at most.
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