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TMI Tuesday Again!

Looks like I'll go ahead and do this again and see if I can't get some more questions.  Feel free to ask me, Cyber, Magnus, or Flo anything you'd like.  :P
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
How've you been over the past few weeks in general? =3

What's the naughtiest thing you thought of in the past month?

Do taboos excite you simply because they're taboos? =O
6 years, 3 months ago
Been good the last few weeks, mostly been kicking back when I've not been working on my job hunt.  ^^  How about you?

Been thinking of doing a pic of Cyber tied up and his bumhole being treated as a urinal, does that count?  XD;

Perhaps that's a bit of it lol  If it were considered "normal" or "tame" it'd lose part of it's charm.
6 years, 3 months ago
HUG? :3

What do you think the cutest animal in the world is?

Worst pizza topping?

To Cyber:
Favourite TV show?

What's the most successful prank you've pulled on Flo?

Watch MLP, or kiss Haze! Your choice! :3

To Magnus:
Y u so mean? D:

Do you need a hug? :3

Do you have any rolemodels?

To Flo:
Do you watch MLP? If so, favourite pony? :D

Can't you get Magnus to stop bullying with your almighty Flo powers? D:

What would you do if you suddenly became a wrinkled old lady? D:
6 years, 3 months ago
*glomp hugs!*

Puppies!  Definitely puppies....maybe kittens...gerbils...squirrels...uuuhhh~  ^^;

Worst pizza topping?  Veggies.  I am not a veggie fan to begin with, sooo I'd rather they stay off the epic-ness that is pizza  :o

Cyber:  My favorites always changing, right now I've been really hooked on Transformers Prime though.  Giant robots, turning into cars and planes and tanks and shit.  And they're all like pew pew! And kerpooosshh!  And that Starscream guy is just epic and awesome!

I replaced her shampoo with pink dye once.  She was soooooo angry!  It worked great until dad accidentally used her shampoo...that was awesome too.  XD

Kiss Haze, cus he gets all blooshy and it's funny how he argues its not nice even though he seems to like it anyways.  *snickers*  He's such a baby, thinking kisses are something to get worked up over...now ponies *shudders*  That's a little girls cartoon! >>

Magnus:  I dunno, maybe cus Cyber sent my dad to jail over something stupid, maybe cus I'm being asked stupid questions, I dunno.

No I don't need a hug, I need to kick Cyber and all his friends in the nuts!  >>

Hmm, the Shredder, Megatron, Prince Zuko was pretty awesome before he went all goody goody.

Flo: Rarity is wonderful!  Shes the pony I can relate with soooo well.  I just need my own Spike to do chores for me and my life will be set. *giggles*

I do try, but my usual methods are sorta limited on him...ya know, cus I wouldn't sleep with that disgusting jerk for a million bucks.

I'd freak out and hope to wake up from my nightmare...or hope that I'm so senile I can't remember how cute I was, er am. ;_;
6 years, 3 months ago
You: Did anything in particular get you into drawing and CGing to begin with?

To Flo: Love your hair! (soft spot for long hair on girls, sorry [lol]). You must have to go through tons of shampoo cleaning it though, am i right? (In fact never thought of that with furries before; do you have to shampoo all your fur too?).

To Magnus: I've seen very little of you buy i've gathered your not a nice person. Why are you such a scumbag? [lol]
6 years, 3 months ago
Started sprite editing and pixel art back on the Sonic Stadium Message board when I was like 13 lol  Cyber actually started out as a Sonic the Hedgehog recolor and my work gradually progressed from there.  Stopped doing pixel art a little while after I started posting on FA/IB because it was so much more time consuming than anything done in SAI/GIMP.

Flo: Oh my gawd, thank you, this hair takes soooooo much work to tame, but it's worth it I think.  *winks and brushes her hair back*  I keep my fur nice and short though, so it keeps clean rather easy, and it's a lot easier to keep smooth than my brother Cybie's.

Magnus:  Scumbag?  I'm not a scumbag, Cyber's the scumbag!  *shoves you against a wall and takes your pocket money*  That's my 'calling me a scumbag' fee... *growls and storms off*
6 years, 3 months ago
I see (i recall seeing a few of your pixel peices; i love that little animation you did for your FA page btw, it's really smooth). Your art is impressive i gotta say; some of the content is not 100% my cup of tea but i can still respect good art with it in.

(...did i [25] just get robbed by a kid? ... *street cred vanishes*...)

To Magnus: ...Very well. Looking over your responses to others, if you want to see your dad so badly we could arrange you to visit him.... though once your on the other side of those bars i swear i will make sure you're never let out. Sad thing is you probably have genuine grievances but if yor going to act like a scumbag over it dream on about anyone listening.

Now would you kindly return my money to me? Or would you rather i had a judge connect any bad actions performed by you into additional jailtime years for your dad? I'm sure he'd really apprechiate you increasing how long he spends inside.

(pardon the mild evilness; bullies get up my nose. I like how you write Magnus' responses though; sounds like you've really thought out his backstory :)).
6 years, 3 months ago
That animation was done by @LittleMissFortunes lol  I have no patience for animating at alllll   XD;  Aaand I've got such a wide range of interests and likes that it's not surprising that I do some things that aren't your fancy, but glad you can appreciate the work at least.  ^^

Magnus:  *groans and hands back yer money*  Geeze, who's the scumbag now, blackmailing a kid with his fathers jailtime.  Fuck off.

(I tend to think out backstories and stuff too much, but it almost never comes up so it's usually just left up in the air.  XD;  It's always changing so it's always up for discussion lol)
6 years, 3 months ago

Can you get naked for me? :P
What's your ding-dong size?
Do you have a crush on Haze and if not are you bi? Since you continue kissing him and you always either be naked or show your underwear to him. x3
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber: *strips and tosses clothes to the wind*  Whatever, they're just clothes.  Weird question though.

Ding-Dong...DING-DONG!  *starts bawling and crying*  Stop reminding me of Hosteeessssss!~  ;_;

Bi?  What's Bi?  I like Haze, he's fun to hang out with and play games with!  Why's everyone making a big deal out of kissing and nudity?  What's the big deal? o.o
6 years, 3 months ago
Bi is you :3 you like boys and girls :P

Ding dong as in the thing your briefs is not showing. :P

And you can kiss Haze all you want to, I like it. Amber hooked me up on you two :3

{at} Magnus

Explain that Cyber sent dad jail thing? 0.o

Do you even lift?

Your not tough. Go on Beyond Scared Straight then we'll see whose tough. X3

Oh, what type of underwear you wear newfag? XD

(Thees ask me things are funny xD)
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber:  I was taught sexism is bad, you shouldn't dislike someone just cus their a boy or girl. o.o

Oh...but still...Hostess *sniffles*... Aaaannyways, you already asked me to get naked, I'm naked, can't you just look?

*shudders*  That girl be crazy @_@

Magnus:  *growls and clenches fists*  That traitorous bastard who called me a 'friend' sent my dad to jail.  All cus he found some stupid pictures in my dads room of my dad and his sister.  Who goes to jail over pictures?!  Thanks to him I've spent half my life going back and forth between shitty people who claimed to love me but don't.  Soooo yeah, I think I have ever right to kick him in the nuts don't you?

I lift enough to kick your ass, wanna test it?  *cracks knuckles*

I met my dad at the prison Cyber sent him to, he taught me some cool shit like making shivs outta lunch trays.  Soooo I'd hope those people on Beyond Scared Straight can get me some other cool stuff like those zip guns and shit.

Underwear?  Why the hell care about something like that?  If you really gotta know, they're boxers, but why would you give a shit?
6 years, 3 months ago
No Magnus, I think you think your angry with Cyber since his dad is around and yours not. Your father was a... Uh, man that likes seeing and fooling around with... Kids. I mean, you do know your not a man or tough if you don't man up to Cyber and hell he might apologize if you try to talk to him.

Or maybe... Your hiding your emotions! That's it, your afraid to cry, cause you think it's not manly! :D

And boxers, you should wear briefs dude. More manly and it shows your manhood to the ladies (And guys you like XD)
6 years, 3 months ago
Magnus:  You sound just like those stupid therapists they made me talk to...fuck off and stop talking me to like some childrens TV show.  The world doesn't work that nice so why should I?

And Cyber wears briefs, so why would I want anything in common with that asshole?  'Sides, the boxers are more free and comfortable, not like I'm showing anyone so why give a shit what they look like?
6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Magnus:  He runs around in nothing but his undies often enough, how could you NOT? o.O
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber, are you aware of stranger danger and bad touches? D: That's what the big deal about nudity is.

Flo, what do you think would be THE WORST POSSIBLE THING? D:
Also, have you tried to make Cyber watch ponies! Cuz you should! :D

Magnus, have you ever considered making friends with Cyber instead of bullying him and his friends? D: Life would be so much easier.

Aaaand Ironback, have you found a GF yet? :P
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber:  I know not to get in a car with a stranger or let them touch me, but what's that gotta do with being naked?

Flo:  ONE!  PIECE!  SWIIIIMMMSSUUIIIITTS!~  *falls to knees crying, then looks up with a blank stare*  What?  They're too concealing and boring...*giggles*  I already do.  I take over the living room TV to watch, and he's not allowed on the computer unsupervised right now cus dad caught him posting some stunt of him and Haze trying to jump a moving car on Youtube.

Magnus:  He started it by sending dad to jail.  >>  Why should I be friends with a douche?

Ironback:  GF?  Naaahhhh!~  I could have anyone I want, but I dun't want to be tied down to any one gal!  Yeah!  That's it!  I just don't want to be tied down is all!  >///>;  You all know no girl can resist my awesome pink shirt!
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber: Because if you go around naked in front of certain people, it will make them more likely to touch or kidnap you D: And others will panic and your dad could get in trouble for allowing you to go around naked. Nekkie time is private time, mmkay?
...Also I heard Flo's made you watch ponies before :D Which one's your favourite?

Flo: Speaking of computers, you ever considering making a Tumblr like Cyber? Or are you avoiding it because of certain policies about underage naughtiness? >w>

Magnus: But he didn't mean to send your dad to jail D: And your dad was doing a bad thing... Maybe things'll be a bit easier for you with your foster-parents if you gave them a chance? :<

Ironback: Oooh~ I see :P How many girls you pimped this week then?
6 years, 3 months ago
Cyber:  Meh, if I don't go with them why care?  *yawns and sits down before groaning about ponies*  Uuuggghhhhh~  She asked me that same stupid question after she wouldn't let me leave.  I dunno, Spike?  Cus he's a dragon and all that?

Flo:  I'm too busy to do a Tumblr like Cyber.  I'd have to cut into 'me' time to do that and 'me' time is very important. ;3

Magnus:  It was that bitch Flo, she does weird things with everyone, only reason my dad was taken away was cus Cyber said something!  He didn't even apologize, just acting like it was no big deal.  Fuck him.

Ironback:  A gentleman never kisses and tells.  ;3
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