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Beginning 2013 only now ? Yeah, I had stuff to do before...

Hi everyone !

And a Happy New Year 2013 since I forgot to say it...

TTRIAB is now fully completed, and I'm proud that I finally managed to finish my SECOND comix! Whatever if it's a porn one, it still required 57 pages and it was a long and exhausting work.

So what now ?

I finally stopped geeking like a mad man  ( after spending a whole week on Skyrim, SimCity4, Runaway Trilogy, Pokémon Heart Gold and watching silly french podcasts vids on YouTube  ) !!
I really needed to play that much x3 ! Drawing all day was really depressing me to death, but now I feel so much better, that's why I'm back.

Another coincidence which really surprised me these last days, was another comix.

Here : http://exhentai.org/g/558543/ec6401d487/


It's funny to see that this implied the "Time Stop" fetishism too. Could it be possible that I inspired the author ? Just because TTRIAB was the ONLY comic using this fetishism with Sonic in 2012 ? Even if "Time Stop" is common in Japanese doujins ?

Whatever, I will just say : My ego is now raised up XD Pfft ! Yeah, yeah, you wish it blondie, you so wish it...-_-

Anyway, about Milf Salvage...

I've done some pages completely, I just need to wait that
finally works on it ( he has a lot of projects to work on too, so I won't rush him, I perfectly understand ! ).

And now, for this new year...

The design of all my charas, will be changed ! Cylia is a pain in the ass to ink, since she has so many chaotic hairs and a fur all messed up ! Marianne needs a better haircut ! And Raian, will be the one who will probably change the most.

How many times did I hear things like : Impossible haircut, stupid look, eyes which are not the same from pannels to pannels... and all and all...
Okay... That's a good point ! Raian, I'll work on your design, you a*****e !

And then ?

I dunno where you are with your pictures for my contest, but if nobody shows up anything ( as always xD ), I'll destroy the prize 8D ! ( it's a selling skill that I learnt with second-hand goods dealers X3 ! ) and a Pandaren will DIE slowly because of YOU...

Reminder : https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4131858/

And ... ?

What about another comic project ? Well, why not ? But this time I won't mess up the story !
Stories must be written first ! That's always the same garbage I hear everytime, but oh shit, they're so RIGHT ! It's kinda' frustrating to reach 30 pages and suddenly : GAME OVER, NO MORE IDEAS !!!!

What ? Why are you looking at my 2 other comics ( UTS / PTP )? Heh heh heh... Another failure !

For this new project, I would like to use Marianne the Ram, Naiar the Wolf, and 2 Sonic Official Charas for another comic ( and maybe some cameos ). I have very few ideas right now but my imagination never left me so... I'm self-confident ^^ !

- Who ? ( Sonic chars ) ( No, I'll refuse Cream, since I don't want to draw Cub, my wife would never appreciate that ! )
- What kind of story ? I'll certainly work on a stupid Vanilla, quick and easy ^^ !
- Any suggestions ? I'll read them all for sure, but it doesn't mean I'll answer them 3 seconds after posting them xD.
I wish you a Merry January... ( \ o.O / )
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
The hell? You're married?
6 years, 2 months ago
Kinda'. I'm engaged (fiancé), but I already call her "my wife" since it's impossible for us to break up. (and that she hates being called "girlfriend" )
6 years, 2 months ago
There's not a lot of Bunnie Rabbot out there, may want to include her. Hmmm... even less Lupe, I'm not sure really what yer looking for. Heh, you can even do Tails as a she, which was the original character design from what I understand. Up to you mon. =+}
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