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How old were you... Meme

Cross post from FA

stolen from sukanar

Lost your virginity? 13 (yes legitimately lost, it was not raped out of me)

Lost someone close to you? lost? people are not car keys! friend died when i was 13

Consumed alcohol? wine about 9 or 10

Received a kiss? 8. girls are ewwww :x

Went to the hospital? sister was a paramedic... all the time for non medical reasons. first emergency was my broken ankle

Had a broken heart? 13

Lost a pet? 15. miss my charlie-dog (black monster cocker spaniel) ;.;

Got arrested? havent yet >.>;

Broke a bone? 15. busted up my ankle playing soccer x.x; thats what i get for being good :P

Got your first job? 17ish? assembling and installing prefab furnature (S.O.B.'s bonus points if you know what those are XD )

Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? 13 (starting to see a pattern here?)

Went to a concert? yet to be to a real consert. ive been to those freebee things at the fair. first one i remeber was 8 or 9 and bored out of my skull (Paul Revere & the Raiders)

Met someone famous? i lived in atascadero. there are famous people all over the place (literally). Alex Trebec, John Larroquette, and Jack LaLanne were regular 'bump intos' throughout the teens

Got in a car wreck? never *knocks on head*

Dyed your hair? havent sorry

Flew on an airplane? 24 >.> went to AC07

Went to another state? young. parents took me camping all over the west

Went across the country? 24 >.> that AC07 trip

Went to another country? 3 and almost didnt get let back in because my mother is stupid and forgot to take a 'brown childs' birth certificate with her to mexico e.e

Got a tattoo? working on that.

Had a piercing? had one around 16 but i had to take it out because i got magnetically stuck to a very large speaker driver when it was like a week old.never got it back in x.x;

Smoked pot? havent but ive been around and breathed deeply when others have :P

Smoked a cigarette? havent, wont. i want to live (lung issues)

Went to Disney Land or World? 4 or 5 i think

Had A Long term relationship? 18 to 24 >.> hes now married and has a kid. still miss the wuff sometimes

Dated somebody of another race? im mexican and ive been mostly with white guys... so... 13?

Passed out from drinking? nope, not gonna do it

Became a furry? 14ish, didnt have a name for it until i was 16

Went to your first non business / work related convention? 24. the last ConiFur
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Hey, a fellow started-at-13 guy!
6 years, 6 months ago
you better believe it >;3
6 years, 6 months ago
Still haven't find someone who started sexual life as young as me hehe
6 years, 6 months ago
if i may ask, what was that age?
6 years, 6 months ago
8 years old willingly lost my virginity... the previous to that one I don't count it... it's a bad memory
6 years, 6 months ago
Lol seems starting around 13 is more normal than I thought
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