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Age Meme

Age Meme
Because I'm bored. Stolen from just about everyone by now.

What age where you when:

01. Lost your virginity? 17. Not gonna say who

02. Lost someone close to you? 10. My grandfather.

03. Consumed alcohol? 18. My graduation party!

04. Received a kiss? 16.

05. Went to the hospital? 2. They had to put tubes in my ears.

06. Had a broken heart? 15. My mom made me break up with my girl.

07. Lost a pet? I wanna say...11?

08. Got arrested? Never.

09. Broke a bone? 5. Bad dream and I rolled off the top bunk, landed on my right forearm

10. Got a job? 16. Soon as I could.

11. Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? 15. Still talk to her to this day.

12. Went to a concert? never have yet.

13. Met someone famous? I met Mercedes Lackey when I was 20.

14. Got in a car wreck? 6, i think. ambulance hit my mom's car.

15. Dyed your hair? Bleached it once in high school, I think around 14 or 15.

16. Flew on an airplane? When I was 2, and don't remember, again when I was 22.

17. Went to another state/province? 2, but I don't remember till 11 when we went to Texas.

18. Went across the country? When I was 15 to the east coast, then at 22 to the west coast.

19. Went to another country? I haven't yet.

20. Got a tattoo? 23 for both of mine.

21. Had a piercing? ears at 20, eyebrow at 23

22. Smoked pot? 18

23. Smoked a cigarette? 11 when experimenting. Started regularly at 18, quit at 23.

24. Went to Disney Land or World? Neither.

25. Had A Long term relationship? Hmm...the longest is my current! 4 years and counting.

26. Dated somebody of another race? 15, my first girlfriend was hispanic.

27. Passed out from drinking? 18! Blacked out half the night too!

28. Became a furry? I discovered the fandom when I was 18. But I was raised on fantasy and talking animal stories, so I've always sort of leaned this way.

29. Went to your first non business / work related convention? Oklacon 07 when I was 20.
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