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Fame can sometimes be helpful.  Fame can get you noticed, and get your talents looked at.  However fame also has a darker side.  Fame can also delude your better judgement, cloud one's view of the world; and harden hearts.  I have seen the dark side of fame a few times, and I have seen what damage it can do; especially within the fandom.

You see, I know two artists who were bitten by the fame bug; and it wasn't pretty.  Both of them I knew before people favored their work or started to throw cash and their bodies at them for art.  Back in the day, one of the artists was a very humble soul from a farming family.  He was very sweet, kind, and would do anything for a friend.  He drew pretty good, and people liked his work.  However as his popularity grew, so did his ego; and he became very self-centered.  After a while, he dropped me and a few other furs as friends all because we didn't place him at the center of the universe like his gaggle of slutty fans did, with my drop being that I got a boyfriend.  Some of my friends say that he was likely mad because he had a crush on me and I didn't see it, but I think that he didn't like it that someone else was getting attention.  As he states "I do what makes me happy.  If you can't make me happy, then move out of the way because I'm not stopping"

The other artist, whom I think is still friends with me, is starting to let fame get the better of him as well.  He hasn't become self-absorbed, but his popularity has got him taking on a lot of commissions that end up being recalled because he keeps doing streams where he makes badges and on demand pics for his squealing fans.

Yes fame has shown her ugly face with these two, but I pity them both.  Sure they are noticed here, but in the outside world; they are just another nameless face in a sea of other nameless faces.  One day time will force them back into that outside world away from the fandom, and those they thought of as friends and lovers will no longer be there.  For the first artist I mentioned, this is bound to happen.  For the latter, I hope he will get his head on straight and his ego checked before its too late.
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