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My thoughts on Adventure time and Bubblegum Princess

so like, this past 3 days ive watched Adventure time for my first time. ive been watching all the seasons via Justin tv. this being my first time watching ive noticed something.... Bubblegum princes is a very cold person. I don't really think shes evil, shes just so driven by logic and science she doesn't really care who she hurts. only time she seemed like a nice person was when she changed her age back to 13.

She puts her kingdom in constant danger with her experiments and she has a SERIOUS God complex. shes raised the dead unsuccessfully in her kingdom 2 times and nearly wiped out everyone. the dude with the lemon head was another example. she makes him out of nothing and even with him obviously being a failed experiment she allows him to live and then take over her people. also i remember another experiment she did making lil people and then callously cutting off all there legs and attaching them to another ones body.

I loved how flinn later puts her in her place explaining to her how she did nothing but give him blue balls and the moment hes found happiness she tells him to stay away. true the reason she came up with was because the fire princes would go criticle, but still. then when she does, and they accidentally start to suffocate fire princess and flinn of oxygen, she pleads with jake to allow them to suffocate and die for the good of her kingdom. WTF bubblegum!

these are just a couple of moments ive noticed about her. its not that i think shes evil, she just obviously lacks emotion. personally i don't even really consider her a princes shes technically a queen. with all the other princesses having parents they are princesses. with BP having no parents, she should be a queen. as nostalgia critic put it once "with her having no parents shes just avoiding responsibility or hanging on to her princess label to feel younger which is selfish."

I still like her character, and to me its another pretty cool adult and dark comedy angle to a rather smart lil cartoon. Also i know I'm over analyzing it and its just a cartoon, but sometimes its fun to over analyze things.Over all i love this cartoon so far and my most favorite character has got to be Lumpy Space Princess, omg shes so funny.

P.S. cake the cat is so gay.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
lol, love the rant on bubblegum
she is a bit of a bitch

the show is rather impressive with how deep and intelligent the show is, even though it seems dumb
6 years ago
yeah i know. i was surprised.
6 years ago
Yeah, it's interesting to see how each character has their flaw, no matter what size it actually is and how it affects everyone on the show, and the depths of the situations. I can remember at least twice when Jake's foot fetishism has put Finn in danger or painted him as a selfish prick, too. And I do love how everything is serious, and everything is canon, depsite how silly the show can be.
6 years ago
i think the same about the princess.. actually I love her to think with scientific thoughts ^^   I wish I was more like her
6 years ago
I love your analysis on PB!
6 years ago
yeah, the show it pretty good :3
His name is "Finn" by the way, not "Flinn" :3
6 years ago
im starting to get into adventure time as well but i've got no idea were To watch the episodes.
6 years ago
this channel on JTV streams it all day every day.

6 years ago
i agree.

personaly i like finn and flame princess together.

BP always kind of bugged me.
6 years ago
You know, if you watch the show from an altered state of mind, you can pick up a lot of well-hidden jokes and innuendo. It's really a kids show that was designed to entertain both kids (the cartoon humor) as well as adults (thru intelligent jokes and well-disguised adult references).

And i have a question: POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT! why not get Flambeau to put a fire protection spell on Finn, that way Finn and FP could be close to each other, or even be intimate with each other? Shit, that'd be the first thing i'd have done!
6 years ago
That's a brilliant observation. I have always been intrigued by Bubblegum's personality, it's so complex and different from the other characters (even outside of AT) and it's her darker/callous nature along her compassionate personality that makes her that more interesting.

Still, I don't think that Bubblegum is completely devoid of emotion. She's chosen to adopt a logical and scientific approach to life and her ruling, thus adopting a certain level of detachment to the people and situations around her. I think that she is a caring person but buries that personality so it will not influence her judgment and decisions.

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