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New spoilers...

I've decided that I'm making a spoilers journal thingy so that people can give me feed back on stuff and to draw them in more.
Anyway, I was just thinking that it would be a good idea after gaining so many new watchers and I think that people will like it better if I can show them I'm doing shit.
It'll mostly be my weaker points or points I'm very happy with, but it'll probably seem out of place as I won't post consecutive parts and none of it'll be huge.
So, I guess I better post one of my 'A Week Babysitting' series now.

This ones big because I wasn't overly happy with how it turned out, ok?
The two set everything up and decided too much on some chips before they had a run around with the soccer ball Max had brought with him. Max never was much for sport, he liked martial arts because he liked to be strong and got a certain thrill out of sparing, but ball games and such was not his thing, however he liked soccer. Max liked soccer simply because it was a no hands sport, he could kick and run and he mostly outdid people he played against because he was co-ordinated and could run fast with his light frame. Tanya was good at sport because like Max she was quick on her feet and she was a lot stronger than she looked, she had good form and her kicks were always better than most the boys her age at just about any sport. This along with the fact that they had both been in a soccer team last year and Tanya still was in a team, made for quite the competitive game, with both parties scoring little points as the two battled for the ball and often captured it just before a goal was made, but eventually Max won out with a three to four win.
“You played well Tanya. I almost lost there.” Max said as they walked over to their stuff.
“I played well you were awesome, I was player of the year and scored the most goals in the year for our age group and I was placed in the age group aboves team where I was given an award for most outgoing player and rivalled most of the plays for one award or another.”
“Impressive, but I’m years older than you and last year I was given the award for most goals in a season too.”
“We’ll have to see it you get it this year too.” Tanya said as they sat down on the soft grass besides their stuff.
“We would, but I stopped playing at the end of this year.”
“Why?” She asked shocked at his reply.
“Well, I like the game but next year they have scouts on the lookout all year and scholarships are given out too. The problem is the team needs you to get at least a recommendation to stay on, but if you get one this year, being the oldest age group, you’re likely to end up in college ball. I just don’t want to go to college to play soccer, I’m not all that serious about it and I don’t even know what I want to do with my life, but it’s not soccer.”
“Wow, that’s smart, and if you like you can always play with me. Maybe we could get some people together to play too” Tanya replied.
“Sorry, I’m not that into it. If you ever want a friendly game like this just you and me, maybe a couple others then sure, but I’m not playing it for real again. I just don’t see the need to, and I got to competitive, it stopped being fun for me.”
“Ok, can we eat, I’m hungry.” Tanya said wanting to end the conversation now.
“Yeah, help yourself to the sandwiches and drinks they should stay cold enough for the day but the less we have for the rest of the day the better. There’s some chess and crackers as well as some candy too. Help yourself, I didn’t over pack so there’s not too much there, but there’s more than enough for you and I.”

The two ate just over half of everything as it hit one in the afternoon and began to heat up the two decided it would be nice to go for a swim.
“Oh, but we have to wait half an hour before you swim, you just had another sandwich and I promised Mom.”
“Oh, but it’s hot.”
 “Half hour or you’ll get cramps. We’ll go get changed in the toilets, then we’ll go build a sandcastle or something before we go for a swim. How does that sound?”
“Right, that’ll do.” The two headed off to the park toilets and got dressed into their bathers, max told Tanya to scream or knock three times on the wall that separated the male and female rooms as there was an opening at the top of the ten tall wall for air flow that would make it easy to hear if she happened to run into any trouble. It all went ok and Tanya jogged towards the beach with max in tow carrying their stuff that Tanya had dumped him with so that she could freely bounce about.
“Why do I get all the stuff again?”
“Because you look tougher and more impressive to girls if you carry more, plus I look like a little sister or something and you’re like a nice big brother helping me out.” Tanya informed him.
“Right, and chicks dig that?”
“Yep. Now let’s get building.”
“Calm down, we have to find a spot first.” Max said as he scanned the beach for a place to put his stuff.
The pair soon found a spot and built a poor looking castle out of horridly dry sand that just wouldn’t meld at all. Then Max got up took Tanya’s hand and led her to the water.
“Swimming’s ok now. It’s been just over a half hour.’ He said to her as they reached knee depth. Tanya splashed around a little and started swimming around like the crazy kid she was. It was right then that Max wondered if he should have given her all the candy.

It wasn’t long before Tanya swam back to Max as he had hardly moved so he could keep an eye on her although he had swum a little it was mostly just a flick or kick here and there.
“What’s wrong Max?” Tanya asked concerned.
“Nothing, just have fun. I’m having a good time, so relax just have some fun.”
“You’ve been weird since we played soccer, there’s something wrong.”
“Fine, it’s this place. I – I lost someone here a long time ago.”
“Wait what, if that’s true why did we come here?” She asked.
“Mom doesn’t remember, the therapist says it’s like a black hole in her memory, she fills it most of the time, but others she just blocks out.”
“Sorry, who was it?”
“My, my father. Three years ago. He drowned after he tried to say a little girl. She would be about your age too.” He replied with a croaky and stretched voice that barely made it past his lips.
“T-that must  have been hard. I can’t even imagine…” Tanya began speaking but soon realised that she had no idea what to say.
“It was hard, mom thinks he’s still around. Mom replaces some memories to her herself cope with everything, but since he’s never around she’s been slowly realising that he’s gone a lot of the time.” Tanya wanted to reply to Max but couldn’t think of anything to say to him. “Don’t worry about me, just have fun.” Max said giving   her a shaky smile. With that she hugged him nodded and swam off continuing with her antics.

I'm not showing how the cliffhanger resolves itself, that would ruin my fun. :P :)
You'll just have to wait until I finish the next part. :P :)
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Should have made the story in Italics...
Oh well!
I'll know for next time.
Anyway, I made a triple space that's fixed now...
Please comment honestly.
6 years, 5 months ago
I like how you tell about Max's background and I can't wait for the whole part now.
6 years, 5 months ago
I enjoy telling background stories to build up a character and so people get attached.
I'm glad you commented and I'm even happier to hear of you anticipation.
If you don't mind me saying though, I'd rather have shown a different part, however I felt this was the weakest art of what I wrote last time. :p
Comments are greatly appreciated, Thank you. :D
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