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As some of you already know

As some of you already know I spent up to 3 and a half to 4 hours in the hospital tonight. I went in because I was well to put it in simple terms passing blood form my back end. So with out having to be told I asked the mate to take me in.

it turns out I have rectal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids and the GERD as well. Nothing massive but they want me to go see a gastrotolagist Or how ever it is Spelled. This is to basically a simple test where they will stick a Carma into my back door and look and see if I have ulcers or rips/tears in my colon intestines.

I have to do this because I was told and it states in the info they gave me that Rectal Bleeding can become a very serious problem. It can mean I might and I STRESS MIGHT Have Rectal Cancer or Ulcers in my colon or Intestines.

So over the next few days I will be trying to Reach the doctor or the Doctors office that they have suggested for me to go to do the tests to find out whats going on.

How ever in the mean time I want my friends family and loved ones to please try not to worry to much about this.  

Thanks for the well wish's a head of time

Love kogie
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Yikes...here's hoping you don't have cancer/ulcers or anything to severe. Get wholly well soon sir ^.=.^
6 years ago
That sounds fairly bad. =/ Hope things get better for you. And I hope you have some sort of insurance. If not look for some type of 'community care' option where they can reduce the total owed down by 70% or something, but that's only if you make very little per year.
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