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Art schools: what to choose 1. Art Institute

Im writing this based off my recent research into multiple art schools and programs, I did literally hours of research on what schools are good and what schools may be tricking you into being better than they really are. Now im not going to go into all the details for every schools but I am going to show you what school branches are maybe not what you thought they were.

Art institute :

First we'll start off With that big one they always goes to your schools and is on TV. The Art Institute.  Now many people automatically assume the art institute is one of the best art schools around just because of advertising, or maybe that they offer you free hard drives for enrolling into the school, DONT fall for these things, Based off of long hours of research the AI chain of schools is one of the worst schools for art you can possibly choose. At first that 4 year degree in 2-3 years sounds awesome, but have you really thought about it,  The tutuion for the AI for almost all of its Majors is $88,000, so your still paying for 4 years but your only staying for 2-3, Art isnt about how fast you can get it done, its about how well you can do it, quality of quantity,( in comparison to any other art school they have the lowest rating for General education) If you really want to improve find a school that gives you 4 years of knowledge not a school that trys to cram as much down your throat as fast as possible so they can get your money and kick you out.on the money topic  the AI school chain has a past history of fraud, I didnt do much research into this so if you want to know more you're going to have to look it up.  Another thing you may have heard about the AI is that many top employers go there to hire straight from the school, this is very misleading information. The AI does have many employers go to there schools but there not really the ones you would think of.  This is a list from there site.

The Home Depot Inc.
Electronic Arts
Marriott International
ARAMARK Corporation
Nordstrom Inc.
Restaurant Associates
Macy's Inc.
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hyatt Corporation
Target stores
Whole Foods Market
Bose Corporation
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Mercer Kitchen
Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.
Best Buy
CulinArt Corp.
Angus One
FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's)
Sony Corp.
Fast Signs
Neiman Marcus
Clipper Magazine
Expo Design Centers
The Walt Disney Company

Now you do see some nice ones on there like Sony, disney, and electonic arts, but, if you look at the amount hired into those places from the years 2002-2008 between 20 - 40 people got hired into those good jobs, and hundreds got hired into either Home depot or any of the other department like stores.

Now those numbers still see kinda close to together in comparison to how many graduates get hired out of Top University.  but this is because out of the many student who go there only about 43% percent actually graduate (information taken from AI site)  So of 228 people went there only about 97 would even make it out with any kind of degree.And if your into game art or creation only 4 people graduated last year out of around 30. now does that sound worth it to pay 88 g's for the low possibility of success.
im sure ive forgoten a few things but i think you get the point.

Now im not saying you cant become great from  that school im just saying you could become better.
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