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Your own Mythies style character for 25$

I'm starting a special deal as of now. For 25$ I will personally design and draw you your own Mythies style character. You'll get 2 drawings of your new character in full color. Send me a private message if you're interested. I can also make you an anti-mythie if you prefer an evil character.

Mythies are mythical animals who have been turned into babies. Your character will be about 2 years old and will wear diapers.

Species - must be mythical and must be some kind of animal. I'd prefer something without a human face. No copyrighted species please.
Gender - male or female. can also be gender neutral like Asterite
Colors - Mythies are defined by their colors. If you aren't specific I'll come up with something for you.
Element - Pick from air, fire, water, earth, light, or shadow. Think about how this corosponds with your species choice.
Mythie or anti-mythie - are you a friend of the good guys or are you sided with Virax?
Cloth or disposable - pick your diapers. you can also pick from the different kinds of diapers from the Mythies comics.
Hobbies and favorite things - You may be drawn playing with your favorite things.
Personality - are you the playful type? Are you grumpy about having to be a baby? Do you like to play tricks? Let me know.

Suggested species to choose from: unicorn, pegasis, ,dragon, fluffdragon, phoenix, basalisk, bugbear, gillman, manticore, griffon, hippogriff, chimera, minotaur, gremlin, imp, hell hound, tanuki, kitsune, kappa, werewolves and other lycanthropes

Send me a private message if you want to get on the list for one of these. Your new character will belong to you. I cannot garuntee a comic appearance though.
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