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Today sucks...  so i thought i would share and entertain those who are bored.

So I recently have learned that Assholiyness knows no bounds.  About 2 or so years ago all my roommates decided to all abandon me.  this was actually not a bad thing.  badly timed and expensive to manage / deal with but alot less stressfull than it was living with 3-4 other people.

in the long run i ended up packing everything up and moving into an apartment a week or so after they all left.  nice land lords, cheap rent, heat and water included.  All i gotta pay for is internet and electricity.  Not a bad deal.  i think in the end im paying about $525 a month for a huge one bedroom apartment.  well actually it is the upper level of a house but still...

first few months were great, nice and quiet, no fire trucks accrost the street anymore, no bars behind me, lots of resturaunts and pizza places (went from a farm town to a collage town - Yay Pizza!!!)  

After a coupple months the tennant below me moved out.  i never met the guy, he was quiet, did not complain about me or the random AATC music, let alone all the grilling i did when i first moved in.  

About a month later the new guy moved in.  (this is where it all started getting fun!  ^_^)

he drives one of those wanna be sports crs with the mufflers that make it sound like an oversized and over revved gocart.  i dont know what it is with the people who drive those cars but they seem to like to sit in their driveway and rev the engine....  Problem one..  my window is right over where he parks...  and it just so happens to leak...  the cold air is not that bad in the winter but the smell of his exaust gets to be strong after a while.  i dont know if he is running rich or burning oil but he should get that looked into...

about a month or so after he moved in i found out he is a drummer!  <sarcasm> YAY!!!  </sacrasm>
as if the muffler on his car, the exaust smell and the constant revving was not enough to makeme want to drop a bowling ball out the window on any one of the several saturdays that he was up at 4 am playing mechanic / complete jackass...  he plays the drumms...  and he chose to put them RIGHT below my bed...  Simple enough...  i moved the bed to the living room....  not as loud in there...

WRONG!  after complaning to the land lord he moved them away from the front door...  

Bed moved back to the bedroom...  agreed that he would not play between 00:00 - 14:00 on weekends and no later than 20:00 on any given weekday.  sadly i could not talk him into stuffing them with packing peanuts or something to deadden the sound a little.  Also the landlord started saying that aslong as no "harm" was done all was ok...  

She has never rented out to a drummer before...  I called about 3 dozen times to complain about his drums...  either he needs to learn how to get better / improve his timing an such...  or just give it up and do the world a favor.

The neighbors accrost the street called the cops....  the landlord had to do something about it....  well...  2 weeks of silence and the people accrost the street were evicted.  he quickly returned to his drumming.  

severall calls later the landord does not care...  called her out to listen to it...  nothing done...  cops called several times...  nothing done about it...  threattened to move out...  nothing done still....  also was reminded that if i terminate my lease early i will have to pay the remaining rent for the term and forfit my deposit...   needess to say...  i cant afford that ontop of a new lease...  so i stayed...

6 months of exaust, revving engines and badly timed drumming....  and it is now time for the real fun.  BAND PRATICE!!!!  yeah...  he is in a band.  this is the best news of my life!!!  no... not really.  1 guitarist, 1 drummer, 1 bass player and 1 singer.  not a bad little setup if they were any good...  they started playing at about 6am.  on a saturday.  in their living room.  RIGHT below my bed.  Awesome...

they played several good songs...  badly...  the worst one being Blitz kreig bop...  luckley i happened to have just gotten my new PA system.  had not tested it out yet...  was a used set of B-53 Matrix 2000s.  a 1200 watt system.  15 inch 600 watt sub in a well designed box / case, and 2 12 inch 300 watt mains.  i powered it on and proceded to play the real version of the song for them...  they went at it a second time...  louder...  I love that game!!!  i played a second version of it for them...  a little louder than they were...  they went for round 3...  i cracked out my shooting ear muffs and played the same song once more, this time by the chipmunks and alot louder than their little pa system would be able to go.  aside from the cop that lives a block away laughing his ass off in his back yard as he could hear it nothing bad happened.  well...  except that they just chose to switch songs and chose one i did not have by the chipmunks...  having decided that there is no proving my point here i packed up my pa and went to breakfast 7.25 miles away.  glad there is a nice pancake house on the other side of town.

when i returned they were still at it...  though maybe...  they can be reasoned with at this point in time...  knocked...  no answer...  waited for them to take a break then knocked again...  he opens the door, screams "What the fuck do you want and procedes to slam the door in my face before i can answer...  so i knock again...  no answer...  more music.  waited for the next break...  though i took advantage of this time to get my bullhorn and fresh battries.  durring their next break i knocked once more...  no answer...  so i pulled out my horn and tried talking to them through the wall...  they did not listen.

finally i got fed up...  called the cops...  3 hours later...  they showed up..........  upon taking a sound level reading they decided to ask him to turn it down...  they never answered the door.  so the cops just left.  called the land lord....  she said she would call him.  

3 hours later they stopped.  come to find out he never once heard his phone ring.

ever since i have been looking for an apartment that is open when my lease is up...  now that it is...  none exist...  

now he chooses the worst times to play...  right when i get home from work and periodically untill 9 pm...  

Well that was fun...  not really but i hope someone might get a laugh out of it.  Also are there any furs out there in the chicagoland area that are in need of a roommate?  i come with a big screen tv, dj equipment, a pinball machine and a good stereo (excelent for watching movies, playing games or just collecting dust)  i dont make much noise and keep mainly to myself and my pet chipmunk.  O! and i can cook!  
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
I have had similar experiences.  Not nearly as bad, but similar.  I can sympathize.  The kind of people who don't care about disturbing others are the kind of people who should be ashamed of themselves.  Booooo!
6 years, 2 months ago
i guess after a while you get used to it.  it kinda reminds me of operational training.  just as soon as you think you can take a quick nap..  Your field instructor or someone would decide to throw a curve ball at you.  Though i would have to say he is more like the artillery simulations.  only difference is no whistling before the boom.  ^_^
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