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Random Confessions (taken from AlexReynard's journal)

Random Confessions (taken from AlexReynard's journal)

Confession 1: Your biggest fear.
For a long time it has been failure. It still is, but the fear has lessened.

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare.
Some in which had to write a test and found myself undable to do so, frantically thinking and unable to move,
some in which I committed a crime and was caught.

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget.
Some ways in which I misspent my money and my youth.

Confession 4: Best dream.
Pretty much everyone I can memorize. I sometimes wonder what are the best dreams I have forgotten.

Confession 5: Favorite Memory.
Many parties with friends and some ideas I had, and the process of inspiration that led to them.

Confession 6: Worst experience.
Almost being expelled from school, in the final year, for something I thought harmless.

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve.
Loud, disharmonic voices. They give me a headache.

Confession 8: Something you are paranoid about.
Telepathic spies.

Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them.
Very little thought. Instant sympathy, and I thought they were cool. A feeling of having the same wavelength.

Confession 10: Your strongest princle/belief.
Currently reorganizing my beliefs. The core still stands strong, albeit I have neglected it a bit in the last years:
Your destiny is your purpose, literally the reason why you are alive at this time, in this body - never betray it, never neglect it (I have failed at that, see Confession 3 and 13).

Confession 11: What annoys you the most.
Stupid and misguided people. For the people who stupify and misguide them I have stronger words than annoyance.

Confession 12: Something you want to do before you die.
Make the world a better place and make mankind a better people.

Confession 13: Biggest regret.
Having not learned enough about the things I really care about out of paranoia and complacency.

Confession 14: Hidden talent.
I am a good masseur.

Confession 15: Favorite thing about yourself.
My creativity.

Confession 16: One thing you would change about yourself if you could.
More willpower (I am working on that).

Confession 17: Worst habit.
Procrastination (I am working on that).

Confession 18: Most important person in your life at the moment.
My friends and those I regard as my mentors.

Confession 19: A skill you wish you had.
A master in what I am currently studying - would save me five years. ;)
On a serious note, better communication skills and more charisma.

Confession 20: Biggest compliment you ever recieved.
I do not really sort them - anytime someone likes my art or my ideas is on the list.

Confession 21: What you hate most about society.
That it alienates people from each other. Then again, it seems to be a part of human nature to define oneself as part of a group by having common enemies, and, if lacking those, creating them to keep the group together. Which does not make it better, just harder to fix.

Confession 22: Something that makes you cry.
The news, both their content and their reporting priority.

Confession 23: Something that makes you laugh.

Confession 24: Most treasured possession.
Immaterial: My ideas. Material: My laptop.

Confession 25: Something no-one expected you to like.

Confession 26: Strangest hobby.

Confession 27: Biggest ambition.
To become a god. But I guess I will have to through a few thousand more reincarnations for that.

Confession 28: Something stupid you used to believe in when you were younger.
A personal value system that got a bit deformed by bullying and depression.
It was not a pleasant place to have in your head and I am currently remodelling it.

Confession 29: A random confession.
I used a cucumber as a fl*shlight, then ate it. Still do.

Confession 30: A few words to, honestly, describe yourself.
Someone who tries to live up to his own values. I have not succeeded yet, but I can only try again.
Also, I am very creative and more of a theoretician. Actually doing things is a challenge.
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