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Rules/Terms of Service

1. You must be a member of inkbunny.net to apply. Not all applications are guaranteed to be accepted. No bots. No blank "watcher" accounts. I'm not going to check to make sure everyone posts all the time, but if you have no user icon/submissions/profile, it is very likely you will be declined. I review applications and set up accounts personally.

2. No illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to, nude photographs of minors, copyrighted music and videos, and any other material prohibited in the United States.

3. Do not share your username and password, or my IP address, with anyone. I'm trusting members of the community with access to my server. Please do not compromise my server's security any further.

4. Let me make this VERY clear. This is a FREE service. Upload content at your own risk. If you let anyone else into your files, my server's drives fail, or I remove data for any reason; little will be done about it. You've been warned.

5. Do NOT for ANY reason attempt to access information outside of your account or attempt to vandalize my server.

6. Your access to your account may be blocked, temporarily or permanently for a violation of the rules, or at my discretion. Donations do not indicate the existence of a paid service; there are no refunds because the service is free.
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