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Free prizes for everyone! (Limited)

Any of you Remember the journal for voice Acting for Banto? https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4188435/ yup that's right, my BF going to commission for an animated comic with voice acting in them and that he's going to include Banto in it, now for each person who enter with an entry will receive prize & for free, you're not paying anything, entries will be limited to 15 entries (already got about 4), Please read all the journal carefully or your entry might not be accepted

First of all here is what Banto looks like so you guys can have an idea https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9115720/ 6 years child

what do you need to is just to follow what's written in the lines to record your voice for Banto, you can add more if you want to, you can also record your voice here http://vocaroo.com/


1- Hi my dear love how are you today?
2- whoa what was that?
3- you keep your hands to yourself, no one touches my Rigel but me!
4- Raio! I wanna go back to my lovely prince!
5- no why did you do this? Rigel please wake up (must be a sad voice)


Banto in a situation where he either he stay with his older brother or be with his love, what will his choice be and what happens later?


- for people who enters, will receive 1 fully colored chibi picture for every entry (will be drawn by an artist)
- the best entry prize for the voice acting for Banto that i will choose, will either have the right if he wants either a a real money ($50) prize or a full body colored picture (will be drawn by an artist)

here are the entries so far: (limited to 15)

1. http://vibrant-snow.tumblr.com/priv.....rxn5EJX1qmgij8 voiced by Shadowlord90 from deviantArt
2. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48774856/B.....o%20acting.mp3 voiced by  shanetheraccoon-dog from FA
3. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1TaySGPtkrG voiced by  suki-dono from FA
4. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1r2CIQG9TNB Voiced by  dotx from FA
5. cherrybunbun from FA (not made yet)

Rules & tips for you to increase your chance for winning:


1- remember that Banto’s voice is a combination of both the boyish and girlish voice though he leans more on the girlish side and especially he goes all girly when he sees his love, Prince Rigel! so a girly voice can works much better for him, japanese voice like an anime also would be nice (but the language must be english)

2- try to read like as if you're the character itself, not just like you're reading it, here is a good example reading like if you're the character itself http://vibrant-snow.tumblr.com/priv.....rxn5EJX1qmgij8


1- more importanlty, if your mic quality isn't clear & hard to hear the voice then your entry might not be accepted, you may have as many tries as you wish to decide which one is better for you for the entry, a very very manly voice may not be accepted as the character is actually too young for that.

2-- no complaining if your entry is not accepted

3- Have fun


Good luck to everyone & have fun with this! end date will be at 14 Jan

there will be a bigger prizes for Rigel voice acting https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4191408/ (prizes still not listed) so keep an eye on that if you missed this one

ps: if you could advertise this journal for me then i would really appreciate it :3
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6 years, 6 months ago
Mew, the time I would love to do this and I'm sick with strep :<
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