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Fursona/OC Meme: Chase

Okay, got tagged by supersonic250, so might as well flesh out this Sonic OC I was considering.  Chase the Wolf, formerly of the Wolfpack, now living in New Mobotropolis.

Rules: 1). Pick one of your FCs/OCs! 2). Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your FC/OC. 3). Tag 3 people at the end of the quiz.

1.) What's your name?
Chase.  Full name is "Chases after own Tail", but you can understand why I prefer to shorten it.

2.) Do you know why you were named that?  
A family tradition of naming a cub after what they do on their first birthday.  In a way, I'm lucky.  I have a cousin named "Licks".  Three guesses what it's short for.

3.) Are you single or taken?
I prefer to say "Available".  *Grins*

4.) Have any abilities or powers?
I'm a skilled tracker, good with knives, and I seem to be a decent field team leader.  

5.) Stop being a mary-sue.
Hey, can you guess how many fingers I'm holding up?

6.) Uh... if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Oh, I would, no doubt about it.  Mostly because I fight dirty, not just for show.

7.) Riiiight...Have any family members?
My parents are resettling back in the Wolf Pack Nation.  I'm an only child, but I've got a few aunts, uncles and cousins.

8.) Oh? How about pets?
...I've never had much luck with pets.

9.) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.
Idiotic Bureaucrats, for one.  The Dark Egg Legion, for another.  Also Prudishness and Intolerance.  And ESPECIALLY Modern Art.  Staring at someone for Hours IS NOT ART!

10.) Something that you do like?
Sex, Rock Music, the wilderness, Sex, dancing, beautiful artwork..  Did I mention sex?

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I'm a pretty good sketch artist, actually.  I also collect comics.  ...Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd.

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Yes.  Yes I have.  It's hard to be a Freedom Fighter without being involved in combat at some point.

13.) Ever killed anyone?  
Yes.  That's all the details I'm going to give there.

14.) What kind of animal are you?
I'm a Mobian Wolf.  Which you might've picked up on when I said my parents were in the Wolf Pack Nation.

15.) Name your worst habits.
I tend to Burp a bit too often.  Also, I'm admittedly a real Pervert.

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
As cliche as it may sound, Grand Chief Lupe has all my admiration and respect.  If she were to order me to march into Hell to pull out the devil's teeth, I'd buy the pliers immediately.  My second big role-model, which might surprise you, is Antoine D'Coolette.  He's not the toughest, strongest or most skilled of fighters, but as much as people call him a coward, he's still out there, fighting right alongside the rest of the FFs.  He's not Fearless.  He's Brave, which is better.

17.) Gay, straight, or bi?
Bisexual, and not the least bit shameful about it.  *Smirks*  ...As long as it's with consenting partners, what's the problem?

18.) Do you go to school?
I haven't been to school since I was a kid, at the start of the First Robotnik War.  I'm self-educated from books, though.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

20.) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Oh, I've met a few of both.  *Grins*

21.) What are you most afraid of?
Getting my Team killed.  

22.) What color is your hair?

23.) Eyes?
Greyish Blue

24.)What do you usually wear?
A vest, gloves, boots and a belt for my gear and my knife.  Also, my headband with the feathers.  They're not traditional or ceremonial, but I think they look cool.

26.) Do you wish this quiz is over?
Oh, is it over yet?

27.) Well, it's still not over. stop wasting time and get through it already.
...Why you-

28.) Anyways, where do you live?
New Mobotropolis.

29.) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?
I prefer to consider myself Working Class, thank you very much.

30.) How many friends do you have?
I'm friends with my FF Team, along with Canus and Reynard of the Wolfpack.  I've also become good friends with Antoine, who's been teaching me French.

31.) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
*Grins and poses* You can't improve on perfection, baby!

33.) What is your thoughts on pie?
Sugar Pie's my favorite, with Lemon Pie next.

34.) Alright. What's your favourite food?
Pizza, Hamburgers, and I'm rather fond of Spagonian cuisine.

35.) Favourite drink?
Cola.  I'm also fond of Tea.

36.) What is your favourite place?
There's this comic shop in New Mobotropolis, Morrisson's, which has all the best comics.

37.) Least favourite?
Robotropolis.  A blight upon the world.

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
I've got 20 Mobiums for you if it is...

39.) Well, it's over.
*Smiles and hands them over*

Okay, now who to Tag..?  Eh, screw it, others can tag folks.
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6 years, 1 month ago
Very nice.  I'll keep this in mind when characterizing him in my Misadventures of Fen story. <3
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