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Abigail the Rabbit - Art or No?

I've been debating on whether or not to get more art done of Abigail.

On the one hand, when the real Abi gave me the character she insisted that I treat her as my own in every way, and she pretty much demanded that I continue to get commissions done with her.

On the other hand, I'm not sure it would be fair to do so, as I certainly don't want to do anything that seems like I'm trying to impersonate my friend. I know, too, that she had a number of other friends who cared about her, and while I didn't know most of them myself I don't want to upset or offend anyone, either.


(Abi had an account on FA, so I will be posting this journal there as well to be fair.)
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Although the line is a bit blurry, I do think there's a difference between a person's character and the person themselves. If you were to, say, type things under the moniker "AbigailFrench", that would be impersonating her. However, I think that in entrusting her character to you, she put her faith in that understand her character and wouldn't do something with her that she would disapprove of.

Then again, I might have a different perspective on this, since I didn't meet Abigail until later on, and knew her as a person much more than her as a character.
6 years ago
I agree. While people in this fandom very often do tend to conflate characters with the people who own them, I think there's still enough of a difference that most people would see the difference. At least, I hope so. And no, I wouldn't be posting using her name. Anything I posted would be on this account and/or my FA account, under my own name, as I do with all my other characters.

Thanks for your input.
6 years ago
I would do exactly as she said: She is yours, treat the character as your own, including what you're comfortable with. (ie:She was comfortable with cub, and as far as I know, you're not, therefore, I wouldn't expect you to go that far.)

She already made it clear to her +watchers that the character of Abigail French is now yours. As she also told you, continue to commission art of Abi- I would suggest doing exactly that.

Go for it- She is your character, now!

6 years ago
Thanks. I will be buying commissions of Abigail, as most people seem to like the idea and she really is too good a character to let her go to waste. It wouldn't even have been a question except that I know that Abigail was important to a lot of people both here and on FA and I want to make it clear to everyone that I'm not trying to replace Abigail herself, and that mean to treat the character with the same care and respect that Abigail did, and that I give to all of my other characters.
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