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Nonanthro dragon morph

If you didn't know what to look for, the milk-hided dragon before you would seem quite normal; the gene-meddling and cybernetics inside him low-key and well hidden. He's male, non-anthro, and about the size of a she-wolf. A pair of broad wings fold tightly to his back, and neither frill nor spike run down his smooth spine. His head is topped with two ebony black horns, short and back-swept like a goat's, under which he sports a pair of expressive ears, their insides colored pale pink. His eyes are a pair of vertical black slits floating within the topaz-blue pools of his irises, and his muzzle is a bit short, with a pair of softly-flared nostrils. Inside his muzzle are the dragon's teeth--the carnivorous points framing the wedge of his pink tongue. A reptilian tail of decent length sprouts form his rump, ending in a dextrous tip, and while his hind legs are powerfully built, his fore-legs are more refined. Each of his digits are tipped with blunted, black claws, the aft ones more heavy-set than the fore.
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