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tagged me! D:<

Confession 1: Your biggest fear.
To be defamed in some way probably. To be discredited to the point of nobody ever listening to me, or WANTING to listen to me.

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare.
Having old demons haunt me. Don't wanna go into the specifics.

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget.
Said old demons from confession #2. Sorry, I know this is a copout, but I'm trying to be honest as well -- and it's something that I'd rather not post publicly in a journal so NYAH 8D

Confession 4: Best dream.
It MAY have involved me doing sexual things with a fictional, royal, lion character from a Disney movie... but I can neither confirm or deny this... >.>

Confession 5: Favorite memory.
Getting a "big" role in my High School musical. (The role of Tateh in 'Ragtime')

Confession 6: Worst experience.
Something only very few know about, and that's how I'd like it to stay.

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve.
Having my feelings/words ignored.

Confession 8: Something you're paranoid about.
The future, as I graduate from college.

Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them.
'This guy REALLY loves otters a lot...!'

Confession 10: Your strongest principle/belief.
Love people as much as they will let you.

Confession 11: What annoys you the most.
Little inconveniences, like technology not working, or bad drivers who cut me off on the highway.

Confession 12: Something you want to do before you die
Become recognized for something creative I do (art or written)

Confession 13: Biggest regret.
Not speaking my mind enough at times.

Confession 14: Hidden talent.
I've been told I can sing well =)

Confession 15: Favorite thing about yourself.
My taste in music. :P

Confession 16: One thing you would change about yourself if you could.
Have a better relationship with family members, probably.

Confession 17: Worst habit.
Planning so far ahead that I become INCREDIBLY forgetful of things in the present.

Confession 18: Most important person in your life at the moment.
Too many to count, to be honest. My friends and family. They know who they are. I'm not shy about letting those who are close to me know whether or not I appreciate them. BUT to name a few who you might see here on Inkbunny...




Confession 19: A skill you wish you had.
The ability to draw better, probably :P

Confession 20: Biggest compliment you've ever received.
People who compliment me on my art =)

Confession 21: What you hate most about society.
People who have the capacity for sympathy/empathy, or being understanding of others, but then chose not to use it.

Confession 22: Something that makes you cry.
Relatives in my immediate family who passed away.

Confession 23: Something that makes you laugh.
My friends in all their goofy wonderfulness =)

Confession 24: Most treasured possession.
My computer probably. Don't know what I'd do without it. D:

Confession 25: Something no-one expected you to like.
Childish Gambino

Confession 26: Strangest hobby.
You mean OTHER than faving/saving massive amounts of pornography of gay cartoon characters humping each other...?

Confession 27: Biggest ambition.
To become a college professor probably. =)

Confession 28: Something stupid you used to believe in when you were younger.
That doing what others expect of me is important.

Confession 29: A random confession.
People tell me I look a lot like my mom :P

Confession 30: A few words to, honestly, describe yourself.
Silly, perverted, goofy, funny, creative... furry? :P

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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Don't you angry face me for tagging you sweet little queer! >=D
6 years, 3 months ago
• I worry about defamation a bit too, though I really shouldn't because no matter what you do someone isn't going to like you and say bullshit about you. Don't worry about your friends, they should already trust & side with you. Don't worry about your enemies, they're not going to listen anyways. At most tell your side of the story to those who are in the middle ground and move on.
• I'd like to know more about your history and what makes you 'tick'. Think you could PM me about those demons, because I'm curious now.
• Naughty dreams are the best! X3
• You should make a video of you singing parts from your high school musical. =3
• Don't worry about your future, react to it, do something about it. Worrying changes nothing. [hug]
• One way to not let things annoy you as much is realizing how good we have it compared to other countries. I found out yesterday that citizens in North Korea are forced to work & often with no pay (modern day slavery).
• I bet you do sing well, it was in your name for a while. ^^
• [blush] Thanks for the mention. I'm glad I mean that much to you. [hugs]
• Keep at your drawing! I know you'll continue to improve. ^_^
• Computers have become very important for lots of people, but that makes sense as it's essentially their world. It's used to hang with friends online, enjoy entertainment and escape the mundane world they live in.

Thanks for doing this meme. ^_^ It's nice to learn a few more things about you. =)
6 years, 3 months ago
You're welcome! Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback! ^_^
6 years, 3 months ago
Keep on truckin', you beautiful, beautiful fagwuff!
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