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Kitty Decision Poll: Furry Conventions

Okies.  As it turns out now Big Blue Fox has recently released the MFF 2012 video.  And even though this cat wasn't apart of it, I figure it'll be cool to scope the movie out.  But now something is bugging me a bit.  Which convention should I go to next?

I'm really looking forward in going to FWA in mid-March for a few reasons.  First off, it's been a while since I've done anything by on my own.  Granted, wherever I go,
is sure to be by my side no matter what.  However, over the past couple of times, I always have something on my mind like "Is any drama going to happen to him without me knowing?" "Are all of my friends/roomies okay?" "How will I go about suiting, eating, etc with limited money and time?"

If I were to go to FWA alone, I won't have to worry about any of that, plus it's a new area for me to explore and check out.  Then again, I am a sucker for attention.  Not camera whoring BBF every chance I get, but I would like to get noticed.  With the current plan soon to be in motion, I want the fandom to know after all of this time barely saying anything or updating, "I'M BACK!"

(And better than ever...I don't know the rest of the lyrics =>.<;=)

That being mentioned, another con is happening later in April that me and Blaze always go to.  That con being FCN.  It's a very good 8 hour drive to Michigan, nice, cheap and relaxing.  Though the entry is up a bit, everything else is still cool.  That and now BigBlueFox will possibly be there again.  Yes I'm an attention whore, but at least I'm more refined.  Not "I-have-to-get-there-NOW!....LOOK AT ME!!!!"  The only downside is actually making sure that everything goes smoothly.  However, should the both of us go at the same time, it'll put a cramp in our next paychecks.

So, where to go?
O New con
O New furs to meet
O Going solo to fully experience the new area
X Not much camrea time unless mentioned by a news reporter

or FCN
O Drive-able and cheap
O Meet old friends
O Camera time
X Possibly run into haters that started the 3 year recovery period from the fandom
X Low paycheck upon return

I'm still leaning on FWA more than FCN, but there's always a valid reason to go to FCN.  But then again, that's also a valid reason not to go there either...Not to mention, shouldn't the hotel be Uber crowded now?

*What do you think is best?*

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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
texas furry fiesta! ;)
6 years, 4 months ago
hehe, that'll be way too soon.  It's in February right?
6 years, 4 months ago
If you went to FCN i'd have someone to hang out with.  Then again you mentioned wanting to be alone XD
6 years, 4 months ago
first off hun  Quote:  
" Not camera whoring BBF every chance I get,
  Thats someone elses job that we know :P

second:  I told yer fuzzy ass you can go to FWA if you want to.  I don't mind if something happens.  Cause you know what.  If any haters should happen to say anything cause yer not there to defend me, I'll let them speak their mind.  If they are mature adults, they'll act like it and talk in a more respectful mannor.  If not then well I have more important things to do with the friends I have like hang out,  SMOKE HOOKAH, go eat something, maybe attend some panels, work the con suite, etc.  

I don't have time to worry any more about some immature little pissants greif or grudge or asshurt deal they have against me when they can't be mature enough to talk to me directly and maybe sit down to understand things better.
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