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A small Epic, or something.

I dunno, sat down and wrote, and kept writing. Might make it a into a story thing and delete this journal later. nothing edited, no typos fixed. have any questions, just ask.

 From the abyss of darkness comes forth the light, shining eternally, a calm to the chaos, a hope to the fear, and a glimmer of immortality surrounded by death. Who would dare tread the lands of thorn and fire to find this gem, to wade in the waters of lost souls? Do you seek the light for money? for greed? For power? Then turn and make haste, back to your village, for you lost before you took your first step.

For what man knows no evil in their heart? From a young child, to an old man, we all covet something. The young child covets age, to be called a man. A warrior covets strength, to push his will on others. A scholar covets knowledge, to push his views blindly, and a old man covets youth, to live as long as he can.

The light is far away, and none shall claim it, and perhaps it is for the best. The light is power, and perhaps darkness itself, for who could use such power and not be tainted?

But there is light in us, child. A light and a darkness, and a choice. We are children of light and darkness, but we must chose one or the other at times. We all have darkness withing us, but with have the ability to choose the light.

Each pond, every rock, is covered by the blight, that stand guard of the holy gem, the germed dragon sleeps in its place while it waits for those that can awaken it. and queen Ifrit of the night, and Kind Shae of the day shall meet under the hanging tree, a sacrifice of knowledge made, and upon them the two knights of order shall rise. And as blades meet, and words of magic cried, the Blythe shall descend from the darkened heavens.

The Blight shall take a human form, and wail of joy, not heard since the first blitzkrieg of its kind against the land. And it shall tale the tell of its friend, the Germed Dragon. And standing amongst the crowd shall be The Fool. To meet the others pain, he does touch the Blight, which infects him, and Ifrit and Shae will feel a pain in their chest, for their son, who is unknown to either of them, has been met with an unkind fate.

And they will sit, and for the first time, ignore the Feint cries of their Gods, which have all but forsaken them, and a trust of thing wire and dagger shall be made. and so, they will nod, and proclaim The Fool the savior. With hand covered by darkest blight, his heart deemed pure has gone untouched. The knights of night and day shall rise and draw their blades in truth and Protection for The Fool, and The Flower Girl will march alongside them with music of the sweetest lips.

And they will converge at the bridge, long since abandoned, and Ifrit shall sing the song Shae does not know, whist he sings the song she does not know, and the bridge to the blighted land shall rise, brick after brick coming from the lake below.

And to the cathedral, they walk, Ifrit and Shae waving them off, for at this holy place, neither can go, as they march along the cobblestone, it falls forever behind them.

The doors to the Cathedral fall, and the old and new Gods cry of Rebellion haunt the small group, though hush for The Fool who nods to them. And as they enter the Cathedral, there on the first pew, is the girl who will not awake. "Take the sleeping young one to the sleeping eternal, and the two shall awaken and merge." Doth Ifrit Proclaim on the winds, and the Knight of Day did pick her up, and carry her on his back.

And there before them, for all to see, a bridge and wall of light wavered. And upon walking into it, did it carry them to the destroyed Cathedral, which was burned beyond the Blight. Knight of night lifted his sword, The Fool his daggers, and The Flower Girl her hands, for this was not their land of minor safety. This was the Blight Land.

And the Knight Of Day asked; why did not the Fool carry the sleeping child? And Ifrit proclaimed upon the winds that it was not his burden to bare, and the blighted hand was not to be touched by light incarnate.

And The Fool would lead them where the Blight did reveal, Past the lake of souls where they Swam with the Dead, through the burning forest which made The Fool cry out, for the Blight Within sobbed for its burning brethren, though the scorching desert where visions were seen, and to the castle of Eternity, where The Gods would no longer dwell.

And walking through the halls of this castle, the dust on rugs thick, the food decayed on the table, and treasures unpolished grew unsightly, they heard the roars of the Germed Dragon. And so the group ran to it, and placed the girl beside. and as she turned, she hugged the scaled beast. And from her lips came the name "Gitril."

And the Dragon awoke, remembering its name, and the Blight which had long kept it in slumber escaped its for. It looked to the group, before swaying its tail and knocking the gem before them. And the Blight met this, and threw treasures and shadowed temptress at their feet. And Ifrit and Shae cried into the wind; do not forget why you are here.

And the Knight of Day and Night did touch the Temptress and Treasure, and they were covered in blight, their cries empty, and Ifrit and Shae cried, for they had lost their pupils. The Flower Girl sat beside the awakened child, and watched The Fool. He touched the gem, and the blight left him, and his knights, and all of the land. And the souls within the lake rose to the bright heavens under his control, the forests eternally inflamed did silence, and regrow. and the Cathedral was returned, with the portal to the two eternal.

Ifrit and Shae would cheer, for they understood The Fool was born of their sword and words, and the old gods were all but ignored as they rose. And The Girl did receive the eternal Garden within the castle, guarded by her stave and love. And the Knights would rejoice, and come to a peace never thought between the two, and lay and produce their own sire.

And The Fool would sit with Queen and Kind, in one hand the sword of Shae, the other the Bow of Ifrit, and to his sides The Dagger Of Fools. And they would reign over the land, the new gods of Night, Day, and Twilight.

And from The Flower Girl and The Fool the young girl who Slept learned much, her and her eternal dragon. and they watched as The Girl and The Fool did fall in love, and place a necklace of flowers around each others neck in front of the hanging tree. And they kissed amongst the cheers, made love amongst the stars, and bore children to rule as wisely as The Fool, leading peace and love to all their citizens.

And slowly she greyed, and The Woman who sold flowers was lost to this life, and her soul left to the divine heavens, where The Fool could not see her. And he wept, and cried her name. He and the Dragon made a pact, and standing where the Gem had slept, clutching bow and sword, he lost his infinite life, and followed his love to where no immortal can go. And Ifrit and Shae watched and waved him off, wishing him well the Eternal rest they could never have.
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