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The Vampire's Rage- As Seen From Sonic RP Nation- Part 1

The black and red-striped hedgehog was spending some time in the ARK, especially with Maria. A lot of time has passed since the vampire's rage had taken place. He had recalled Sonic recently being infected by another vampire. It was devastating. He tried to stop them, but he was outnumbered. So he took refuge in the ARK and had stayed there ever since.

A young hedgehog, about the age of fifteen, was swimming in the local lake, enjoying the sunshine. The sun didn't hurt him at all as the water cooled him down. Even if he had to get out of the water the sun still wouldn't bother him; speaking of which, it was time to meet Shadow in five years' time. Sonic got out of the water and shook himself off, then headed towards where Shadow was taking refuge. He looked around and wanted to know where Shadow was. The only answer was to look up, as he found some strange vehicle in the sky. No, the only thing he saw was the Space Colony ARK. He wanted to see Shadow but was afraid he might hurt him, so he paced around, trying to find some way to see him.

The black and red hedgehog said goodbye to Maria as he prepared to leave the ARK for the first time in five years. He walked the halls of the ARK as he prepared to arrive at Earth. Seeing a portal that led to Earth from the ARK, he walked under it and was immediately transported to his designated place. It was time to see a special someone, as he walked the earth to see the "blue blur." He continued to walk across the earth, searching for the "blue blur." He didn't want to be involved with any vampires(traumatic experience). He didn't want to be one, either. He continued to walk the earth until he came face-to-face with Sonic, the 'blue blur."

Sonic continued to look at the Space Colony ARK, seeing if Shadow would let him on the ARK. But it appeared that he wasn't there. Little did he know that Shadow was standing in front of him... Sonic turned to see Shadow. "..." He didn't say anything.

The black and red hedgehog waved. It seemed like they were finally communicating.

They talked for a while until Sonic wanted Shadow to go for a walk with him. The black and red hedgehog nodded, and the two set out for their walk.

Shadow's ears twitched. "Stop a moment. I think I hear something," he said to Sonic.

"Let's check it out," Sonic replied.

The two was coming towards to where the sound was coming from. They saw Scythe appear in the streets.

"Wait a minute, Shadow," Sonic said. "Did you hear something?" he asked.

"I sense another being...a vampire." Shadow hissed and took pursuit of the hedgehog that was on the buildings.

Sonic followed him, wanting to see who or what was on the roofs of the buildings.

Scythe ran off from Shadow, tackling Sonic to the ground.

"Agh!" Sonic fell to the ground as he was tackled. He hissed loudly and went after the other vampire.

"Sonic!!" Shadow tried to call for Sonic, but the "blue blur" was gone. "Damn it, he's gonna get himself killed." With that, he rushed after Sonic, trying to stop the fight.

Scythe protected himself with his wings and fled to the forest.

"That's it. He's gone," Sonic growled. He reverted to his dark super form and chased after some being.

Before Shadow could catch up with Sonic, the "blue blur" was gone again. "Rrgh....the hell is he going now?!" He snarled and chased after Sonic once more.

After a hour of chasing the "blue blur," Shadow tackled Sonic to the ground and shouted, "Oh no you don't!" Shadow tackled Sonic before he could get to his victim.

"Let me go this instant!!" Sonic hissed.

"Not until you submit to me," Shadow replied.

"Never!!" Sonic growled.

"Guess I'll have to make you then." Looking at Sonic long enough made Shadow have a seductive look in his eyes.

"Sh-Shadow?? What are you-- mmph!"

Before Sonic could finish his sentence, Shadow kissed him on the lips. "Mmm~" They finished the kiss and Shadow said to Sonic, "Feeling better?~"

Sonic had reverted to his normal form by the time the kiss was finished. "Oh, much better~" he replied, smirking. What Sonic was about to do to Shadow was going to blow the black and red hedgehog's mind...

"Come here. I want to show you something," Sonic said to Shadow.

"Oh? What is it?" he asked.

"Just come here~" He replied, smirking.

"Uh...o-okay." Shadow clearly was nervous. He walked up to Sonic and just looked at him for a second. What he was about to experience would traumatize him for good...

Sonic advanced to meet Shadow face-to-face. He hissed, then began to kiss him down to his neck.

"Oh...Sonikku..." He moaned with this happening. Sonic was about to do what he needed to do.

"Soon, my faker(referring to Shadow), you will be mine...~" He whispered, about to bite down on Shadow's neck.

Shadow closed his eyes, and with that, Sonic bit down on his neck. He moaned as the blue vampire sucked Shadow's blood from his neck. "Now, faker, you will be mine...~"

"Sonikku...oh..." Shadow felt weak. Sonic let him go, and the "black blur" passed out. The outcome was to be horrendous...

To be continued in part 2 of:

The Vampire's Rage!
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