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Now for some clarification...

Now for some clarification....

James has been introduced, and I do plan on rotating between him and my main sona, Drako Tags.
(Yes, I am admitting that I play them BOTH, and heres why....)

Some of you are accusing me of "creating" James to get attention...
Here's a little FACT CHECK for ya --

That's James' Chain of Life - missing a chain because the person who gave him to me deleted him from his own profile.

James was an adoptible my friend bought, then gave to me as a Christmas Present.
Me, having little (or none) artisitic ability, have decided that I could use him as an alt (per my MATE'S REQUEST) for RP's.

So, if anything, I am using James because Mixy wants me to - and it apparently gives Mixy a reason to RP with me a bit.
(Some level of Disconnect since he cannot actually get the gator IRL.  Which he can get the kitty IRL anytime.)

I did not create him, and aside from adding him into the few stories I may write, have NO other use for him.

So yes, I will be rotating between him and myself, since I personally think it to be fun to change face every so often.  (So no, it is NOT for attention)

Besides, if I REALLY wanted attention, why would I rotate between sonas vs PLAYING THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME??

And for those of you who think it's funny to try to oust James as Drako (which should be rather obvious ANYWAYS) - note this:

Do yourself a favor and stop looking like an ass, I am NOT hiding who I am behind James, otherwise I would NOT have changed my Personal Homepage to show BOTH characters.
The page will be updated soon to have the following Disclaimer:
"Drako Tags and James Horef are copyright (and played by) Drako Tags"

Just to ease out that confusion.

So, for the love of all that is Holy, just treat James as the snide gator he his - and STOP with the stupidity of trying to oust him.
(Sides I have ALREADY ousted him for you)

Aside the point, I have found that by using James in the same chats Mixy go to, it tends to help a bit with the jealousy issues I've had concerning Mixy - again because of that level of disconnect.
James is not Drako, and thusly should be treated differently than Drako (Even though it is I who plays them both.)

Sides, Drako is a representation of my spiritual self - so it can be harder to fully disconnect him from myself.

Besides the point, I like playing James a bit now, and would love more art of him.


On a side note.

I'm seeking artists!!!

I am seeking more artists to post to TNSC, and especially looking for artists willing to draw Header Images for TNSC.

So if you would like a challenge and help improve a smaller community site, you can submit to TNSC and/or draw Header Images for TNSC!

Header Images need to be 960 x 200 pixels in size and can be of anything.

So come help TNSC out:


TNSC Art Contest - December 2012

 The latest winner is:
 Locker Room Posing - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=326221
 by tsaiwolf - https://inkbunny.net/tsaiwolf

 This Month's Nomination Theme:
 Love Scenes - Characters in love...

 This Month's Voting Theme:
 Girly Bois - Art of Girly Bois or Crossdressers.

 Nomination and Voting Deadline:
 January 1, 2013

 Come Nominate Art and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to
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