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Ever have to just give up everything? (read if you care)

That might just be me in about a month. Yes, this is more bad news; I don't recommend reading it if you're already having a terrible day.

So, here's the deal. I've been given a deadline of January 15th. At that point, if I don't have some stream of income lined up, I'm getting the boot. Why? I don't know. Removing me from the household doesn't really solve any problems besides slightly lessening the utility bills. I understand the basic reasoning, yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't flawed. My opinions on the matter, however, are biased and don't have any sort of impact on the situation.

The impact this will have on my life is obviously tremendous. I will not be homeless; this much I can guarantee. However, unless I can find someone else up here that will take me in on the understanding that the job market is absolute shit and that it might take me a while to get going, I'm going to be forced back down to Oregon, from whence I came. Regardless of which parent I retreat to, this completely kills my social life. It detaches me from everyone I know and everything I have. Particularly, it makes it impossible to follow up on any work potential up here, and it physically separates me from the love of my life.

So, solutions to this predicament.

1: Employment. This basically fixes everything. If I'm contributing, my housing situation isn't in a state of jeopardy, and I can start rebuilding my life and working towards goals that have been on hold for many months, including getting my own place and rescuing Abbey from her parents.

It is not nearly as easy as just saying the word, though. I've been trying at this for quite some time, and it seems awfully difficult to get employers to want to care about me. It is also made more difficult by the fact that I can't perform at anything that requires me to be standing all day, due to some physiological condition that probably has a name. Suffice to say that, if I'm kept standing for a full shift, by the end, everything from the ankle down is suffering debilitating amounts of pain. I don't have qualifications or certifications. The only real positive I have is over three years of customer service/tech support experience. I've had temporary contracts up here, but have been so far unable to land anything long term.

I also don't expect much outside help on this avenue, because really, there's not a whole lot most can do, unless you're a recruiter for someplace or have some sort of inside edge that can get me something.

2: Alternate housing. This is where everyone else comes in, potentially buying me some more time to get my life together. Simply put, if you're in the Puget Sound area and can take me in, or if you know of someone that might, I need all the help I can get right now. I've had to resort to being on EBT for several months in order to feed myself, and I certainly don't absolutely need every bit that I get every month, so that could be considered a contribution.

Barring either of these, I'm shoved back down to Oregon, from which I may not be able to return for quite some time. Those of you that know me, know that I don't often ask for help from others. I try my best to be self sufficient, and even being in such a state of financial instability, somehow I still manage.

This is not something I can overcome alone.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
I am sorry about how unpleasant is the current situation you're in. Although I can't really help much, I still want to give you my best wishes and hopes that you'll make it, be it a lucky opportunity of employment or an other place to live in for a while. Either way - I wish you best of luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
6 years, 5 months ago
*squeezes* Best of luck hon. I'm rooting for you.
6 years, 5 months ago
Good luck, Adilor. I hope you find some way out of this mess soon.
6 years, 5 months ago
It may or may not help in this situation, but I can certainly attest from personal experience that Starbucks treats its employees fantastic.
6 years, 5 months ago
You may want to take a peek at Support.com. You can work from home and they start at like $13/hr. I was told that they're fairly strict, and micro-manage a bit, but the pay is good and you can be in your jammies literally all day. =)

As for housing, I'll see if I can mention this journal in one of my own. The bed in our house is taken currently but maybe you could sleep on the couch for a few weeks if that deadline hits and you need a little bit more time to find housing. Or, maybe you can find a job up here? I could see if I can get you a job at my work. They seem to be hiring.
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