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So Christmas is nearing and quite fast. 'tis the season for joy and happiness and the sort.

Anyway, alongside being an artist in training and an author, I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube who submits videos here. Unfortunately, my capture card that I used for recording has broke, therefore I'm incapable of recording anymore.

And just as my capture card is a wreck, my laptop screen is starting to glitch and seem to crack x.x Slowly but surely, my laptop is reaching its demise D: So I'm going to need a new laptop too ;~;

Sooooo... I need help from you all. I need money to get a new capture card and laptop for recording Let's Plays and whatnot once more. I'd say I need around... $1500-$1750* for a new capture card and a new laptop (looking mostly towards an Alienware Laptop)

To earn this money, I'm willing to open up commissions of all sorts for very cheap prices.

For art commissions SFW & NSFW:
-Sketch of up to 3 characters will be $4
-Ink with 1-3 characters will be $7
-Ink with color for $10
-Additional shading is +$2
-Background (it'll be something cheap and simple) is another +$2

All story commissions will be $3 per chapter for both SFW and NSFW content.

And if you really, really want, just $25 and I'll work a full seven (7) days for you with art.
$15 and I'll work for seven (7) days for you with stories.
$40 and I'll do both stories AND art for you for a whole seven (7) days! ♥

*The above mentioned money is all in United States Dollar (USD)

I'm open for working on as many commissions as possible as fast as possible.

tips Or you could be a dear and donate to genegraves1995@yahoo.com via PayPal. Just $1 can help a great deal. ♥

Please pass this journal along to your friends and watchers and help me reach the needed money to return to being a Let's Player once more. All of your help is very well appreciated and I must thank all of you for your kindness and support.

[Slot 1]

[Slot 2]
[Slot 3]
[Slot 4]
[Slot 5]
[Slot 6]
[Slot 7]
[Slot 8]
[Slot 9]
[Slot 10]
[Slot 11]
[Slot 12]
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
May I have a slot?
6 years, 7 months ago
Certainly :3
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