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FC 2013 Meme

Arrival and Departure:
Getting there day 1 and leaving day none! Well... actually, leaving the last day. Don't think I'll want to though :<

Staying at:
A hotel!

Mode of transportation:
I'm takin a plane there, and travelling by yote after that :p

Room Share:
With a yote!

Major Plans at the Con:
I'm hoping to hug my first fursuiter! And cuddles, gotta get some cuddles in :p But yeah, really, I want to hang out with a lot of the peeps I chat with online, and meet a bunch of others too. Oh! And I want to go to Frolic and dance with a bunch of hot guys I barely know. Didja get all that, Santa Paws?

Who Will I be with:
Definitely a yote, and a wuff! And another wuff, maybe? I don't know. Who wants to hang out with me? :)

I wish I had one :< But I'll wear someone else's if they let me :p

Attending parties?
If I get invited to any! Who's having a party? :3

How best to find me?
I don't know! Twitter maybe? This is my first con so be nice! X3

Sure! Why not? I've yet to be really drunk in public, so let's pop that cherry! :D

Nope. But if you're hot enough I'll still give ya plenty of kisses~

Of course I'd like to get a hug! But... please don't smell bad... or be greasy gross... I'm a nice guy, but I will push you away if you're a nasty... erhm... thing.

Everyone has freedom of speech, right?

My gender is:

I am how old again?

Touching me:
Uhm... where? Why would you want to touch me? I don't mind getting tapped on the shoulder or anything, but if you're grabbin' mah butt you better have a reason for it ;)

Can you buy me a drink?
Pffft yeah. I'll <3 you for it too~

Can you give me money?
Sure! Just shove it in my pants :p

Can you snuggle with me?
If you can hug me, and I happily hug you back, then snuggling's not out. But it never hurts to ask if you're not sure.

How tall I am:
I'm 5'6" and NO YOTE, 5'6" doesn't mean BITE SIZED. *huffs*

"You look pissed... Can I come up to you?"
Well, I sure hope I don't look pissed at all during the con! :O

Am I nice?
Pfffft, am I nice. Think about it: have you ever not had a nice drink of root beer before? I'm like that~

Am I cliquey?
I dress semi-nice and try to look good. Is that cliquey?

"Can I stalk you?"
Just follow up that question by asking yourself, "Am I hot?"

"If I see you, how should I get your attention?"
I dunno... Go "Ari! AAAAARRRRIIIII!" And if that doesn't work, try "Yo sodapup!" Usually one of those will work. There's always walking up and saying hi, or tapping my shoulder. *shrugs*

"Can I take a picture of you?"
Umm... it really depends on who you are. Some people I'd be fine with this, but unless I've told you otherwise, please ask first.

"Can I steal ya away for *censored*?"
Just ask yourself that "Am I hot?" question, and then woo me~ Trust me, it's a lot harder than it sounds. A few special people get to steal me away, and they already know who they are, so if you're not one of them, you might have to work for it ;3

Do I want any commissions?
Actually, I do want to get a badge or few. Again, this is my first con, so I need a guide for all this X3

Alright, there ya go, fuzzies. Like I said before, it's gonna be my first con! I'm excited but really nervous too >.> So I'll definitely be wanting to hang out with a bunch of people. Oh, and Frolic! I want to go to Frolic too :p

If there's anything else you're curious about, just ask me and I'll respond as quick as I can :)
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Toast and i are also going to FC and its our first con too!
6 years, 2 months ago
:3 I can't wait! We gotta meet up and stuff :p
6 years, 2 months ago
cliquey = hang out exclusively with a posse, preferably one that is better than everyone else.

5'6 twink? yum :P
Frolic is happening both the weekend before and during FC I hear.
6 years, 2 months ago
Shh! I'm not a twink! >//////////////>

And I really can't wait for Frolic. I'm hoping someone will want to dance with me :)
6 years, 2 months ago
Dang! But don't worry, people will dance with you. Maybe even me ^_^

Pro tip: When suiters dance, just go to them and touch them on the belly or the arm (they don't see well) and you'll see them dance with you in no time... and even frolic n stuff. You'll sense the few that don't really want to dance and hug, and those that get a little naughty and start feeling you. Don't reach for the privates or the butt if you don't feel invited, and don't insist if your hand gets held back and moved to a more neutral spot. If you go there, do it slowly so the other has time to decide wether or not it's OK. Basic stuff ^_^.
6 years, 2 months ago
Thanks for the advice! Heh, suiters usually seem really cool. I can't wait to meet more than a few of them X3 As for naughty feeling ups, heh, I'm not sure what I'd do then XD *blush blush blush*
6 years, 2 months ago
don't worry: naughty stuff doesn't go very far and is mostly adultish make believe fun: there is fur protection and a head that keeps the illusion alive and also serves as a potent barrier. ^^ Be warned: some may sweat a lot, others don't, others may have cooling vests (you'll feel the plastic underneath). So  before going all out hugging on the dance floor, go slow to make sure it's dry enough :P
6 years ago
Did you have a good con? It was tiring for me. ^_^
6 years ago
Yeah, it was alright. I had a lot of fun at Frolic, though I think that next time I'm gonna go to more parties :p
6 years ago
Frolic was good. I was upstairs till I got bored of the music then went down, where it was better and not crowded at all. Yep! Do parties ^^
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