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Shut Up, Girl, and Let's Make Love

Looks like my internet connection is back to normal and I got a lot of catchin' up to do and to update y'all on.

The Bad:

My unemployment has dried up, we still haven't found a place to move to, can't find work, and money is gettin' tight. We're startin' a yard sale and scrappin' metal.

The Ugly:

My niece, Karyssa, is stayin' with us now. That's all we need, another mouth to feed. But my folks insisted. Couple nights ago, I flat out told my folks she has to leave because we can't afford to keep her here which hurt my Mom's feelings but it's the truth. Karyssa's now startin' to pull her weight around here and she said once we move, she'll look for work. I'm no longer pissed about her stayin', but I'm still concerned about the money situation, so I think I'm gonna find my own place to live. Be one less mouth here to feed.

The Loose Ends:

It snowed here last night o.o

Took my nipple piercings out. I don't care, it's just jewelry. Piercings don't interest me anymore. In most cases, I think they look ugly.

The Good:

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