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Please Help If You Can

Welp furs where do i start im still in my situation to an extent and am still short ALOT cash wise but atleast im not hungry anymore due to VERY kind furs who have stuck by and helped so much i wont name them for privacys sake but they know who they are and are special to me in a great way but alas they can only do so much so im forced to ask a hard question i have a fine to pay for being dumb and trying to help someone and if i dont ill end up in jail and i also have a utility bill to cover so im up the Bad river in the Worse kinda way and got no paddle and my boats fast a sinking i can only reach out and ask help of those around me who i have ALWAYS! found comfort from the trials of life my costs come to 650 and in return those who can help the person who helps me the most can Have my character i created to be my companion in images plus ill do them a Free id card for as many characters as they need you can find the lil guy im giving away in this image https://www.furaffinity.net/view/6794144/ if requested ill do up a full detail sheet for him since as its the only one hes ever been in and as such is Still a virgin character as it where and has no real details about him yet unless you prefer to have him as a blank canvas hes never taken anything up his pony tush so i have till the end of dec to pay the fine and the utility bill is just about as urgent so i ask of those wo can and are willing to assist you can send funds via paypal or via western union to me my paypal address if yiffstud@hotmail.com western union details will be givin via ims or skype or some form to protect privacy since we All knows as furs all to well their are those out there who will use such information to hurt and cause pain
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