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Project X Seduction Contest Sucubus Winner

Like the other contest, this one was a big headache for the team members, more than the first one, very good artists and very good designs was exposed giving us a lot of troubles to decide a unique winner, as always the voting and decisions was made by several people and here are the results:

The team liked this design, the gloves and the bitchy expressions are cool, but we didnt find the colors apropiated, but it was one of the candidates to win the contest.

We all like this design, shes something different that what we have seen, but we think shes too large, and it have a very furry look, we think that shes more close to a gargoyle than a sucubus, so, it was discarded.

This design is good, but we see some details that are hard to make in sprites, like the transparent clothes, and lots of fluff around, the eyes are cool, but in sprites dont look that good, it really was a nice try, but we didnt chose her at the end.

twistedterra (winner)
To say it first, the drawing was pretty amazing and well done, and the team look at her pretty elegant, naughty, and with a delicated touch that we liked a lot, and the clothes are enough cute and not very hard to do on sprites, so, this was our winner.

I personally enjoyed this char a lot xD, but she was to far for what we wanted for a sucubus, still, we talked about the good design of it, and if the artist dont mind, we want to use this cow with modifications of her clothes to egyptian theme, for the Stage 6, Mewfertity Park Casino.

Another cool character, but too furry for what we was looking for, the idea of have two type of look is good, but we didnt like the tentacles and wings at all, still a interesting concept.

Although shes a bit generic, is not bad at all, the blue streak in the hair would work good for a sucubus, but she dont have wings and the design have lack of details making it on pixels very plain, the touch of the dress showing a breast is nice.

We liked the whip and the pose that would work for the animation in the game, but the team didnt found anything really memorable in the design of this character, she dont look bad, but it would need more details to get some advantage against the finalists.

This one was another finalist, the artistic work and poses are great and all the team liked them, but saddly it have hard details to be made on pixels, that bone looking tail is really hard to do, also, she have a futuristic look that wouldnt fit at all in a cemetery like Stage 4 is, and she looks pretty calm and not really dangerous.

This character would work good in the game, the big ponytail is cute, and the fur chest and arms can be a good idea, saddly, those fur, the demon horns and the lack of wings makes her far from a sucubus design.

I have to admit, that this character is very good, she wasnt picked because shes too far from a sucubus as other participants, but the desing of her is brillant, and if Grose dont mind, we would like to keep this design for other instances in the game.

The problem of this character is that shes so cute and squeezable to be a naughty sucubus, when you see her at firts, is hard to not remind a japanesse kitsune, very cute, but not works for a cemetery.

Being based in a Seedrian from Sonic X, this is a interesting design, but for a selvatic stage, this character not really fits the sucubus concept, if we have this design before the stage 2, I would take it serious to use her on it.

This one was another finalist, the arwork is amazing, her curves, her cute face, the details in her pube and those eyes, but this character although it dont really have clothes, is hard to make in sprites, will take out all the personality of the design, that and because she didnt have wings and properly sucubus details, we cant make it win, this character would work perfect as a imp, but not the case.

Again, this character is far from a sucubus concept, still the team looks her pretty good, shes cute, she have touchs that we like, the horns of her head, the colors, the piercing, but the long hair is hard to animate in sprites, and she have an important lack of clothes and wings, I know that people have different concept of a sucubus, but is not what we are looking for, aside note, I personally like the male Amy a lot.

The concept is good for a sucubus, it works good, but the colors and the lack of clothes gives other entries more advantage, but in fact she looks cute and works perfectly as a sucubus, but she needed some more details to win.

Cute character, cute clothes, cute face, is a mix of rouge and blaze, but it works good, I personaly like her, and the team really keep an eye on her outfit, some members didnt like that she have a lot of purple, and honestly she didnt win because we have to pick only one winner.

Congratulations to twistedterra
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
good show, folks
5 years, 11 months ago
Why would I mind?)
Congrats to winner!
5 years, 11 months ago
That icon sucked my lungs of all oxygen from laughter XD I just found that vid the other day.
5 years, 11 months ago
Red, quien hizo el boceto de la sucubo que mostré, dice que a pesar de no haber ganada está feliz pues es su primer dibujo que pone en un concurso, ademas de que es un admirador de tu estilo de arte y de tu personaje en si.

Blaze, el de la idea y propietario del diseño, llora en un rincón porque su sucubo no ganó. Yo le dije, mejor la pintábamos de calabaza XD

Y yo, solo digo que la elección fue justa. No había modo de ganarle a la sucubo coneja de twistedterra, lo tenia todo.

A ver si habrá algún otro concurso mas en el futuro.
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