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MFF Was Cool

This is going to be a long journal guys, hoo boy.

Alright, here's a breakdown of my awesome time doing awesome things by day. I will probably forget a lot, because cons are like a whirlwind of fun and booze and feels.

sachan, Toby and I drove up to MI to pick up akagen. We stayed the night and watched a movie called “Taking Woodstock”. It had a bunch of nudity in it, but no sex scenes. I don't think I've ever seen a movie do that before. Martin Dimitri has an impressive hawk nose, as always.

My least favourite day of any con. I always kind of forget how to immerse myself in the crowd when I first get there. Like when a parent takes their kid up to some other kids, and says “Ok honey, go make friends!” and you're like “wat”
After initial awkwardness... ah, what did I do, ha ha. Bad memory is bad. Oh! I got a suit! I had kept it a surprise from everybody actually, because I wanted to sneak up on my friends with it, but then I realized the folly in that logic, in that no one would no me in suit, and I could not see them without my glasses, so it was hard to find them to sneak up on them in the first place. But yes, I have a partial rabbit fursuit, woah! I will go into detail in a moment, and post some pictures later when I actually have some.
That's right, we got to the hotel and our room wasn't ready. We showed up at like 3pm, and it seems not enough people had checked out for more people to check in yet. So we sat around unwashed and sad for a bit after the 5 hour car ride to get there. So I put on my suit and took it for my first test run. I whapped a lot of people in the face with my adorable rabbit ears (not on purpose though), and some people took my picture without saying anything first, which felt strange. I guess I'll have to get used to that.
Oh, when I went to register for the con, it turned out I left my driver's license back in VA. I almost didn't get into the con! I managed to prove my age and identity with a different card, but man that was a close call! I'll be more thorough with my packing check list next time.
We got to our room and I cleaned up a bit, then met up with my dear friend
for a while. I can't remember if it was Thursday for Friday night, but I ran into two furs who I personally consider to be internet popular. It was mavuriku, who was a bit tipsy at the moment, and ms.delicious in her amazing suit of Pink Lightning. Holy shit her suit is so cool, oh man. I was able to be helpful, too, and make myself feel awesome. She said she wanted a straw so she could drink in her suit, and I was like “I have that straw, madam” and whisked away into the night. It was delightful to be of service. It even matched the colour of her tongue.

I went to Artist's Alley (actually I did it Thursday too) and took two commissions only. As another piece of news for you all, I hurt my wrist recently; I may actually have carpal tunnel it seems. I was expecting it, since I draw, knit, use the computer, etc. all day every day, but still, I'm pretty upset, ya know? So yeah, I kept it to two sketches only, so I could work on each slowly. The drawing didn't hurt my wrist too bad though, thankfully. I have a doctor's appointment for it Monday, to get it properly diagnosed. I think I caught it early, so it should be alright. If not... guess I'll become left handed?
I got to hang out with artful-dodger in her room, and it was awesome. She is super cool, and we watched a lot of fun youtube videos. I introduced many people to “IMDABES” that night, and I feel it was a good deed to be done my me. I was a bit tipsy at this point, but I know I tried bacon vodka and it tasted like dog treats, and some other vodka that was better. There was a hyena named Hy Eight that I met, too, and apparently used as a support in my tipsy-ness. I remember he smelled good.
This was also the night I met imsephiroth, who is adorable. I was in my suit, and it was getting on in the evening, and he comes up and we chat a bit. It turned out this was his first con, his only day at the con, and it was his birthday. He'd spent the entirety of the day the way I spent my first con, wondering who to talk to, how to do it, and what to talk about. So I basically grabbed him by the paw and went “You're coming with me, and we're having fun” XD I took him to Pepper's room first and we found a guitar and it turns out Bunny is pretty skilled on one. We ended up having a TON of stuff in common, and I'm pretty sure he's my long lost bunny twin, ha ha. We went to the aforementioned Dodger's room after that and had fun.

So many things happened Saturday, geez. Here's the gist of it, sorry if I miss a whole bunch. The con always turns into a blur when I wait to write a journal about it >.<
Hung out with Pepper some more, and we had lots of real talk. Oh! She made me an amazing dress, and I will definitely post a picture of that soon. I don't usually wear dresses, so this is going to be one of the special few I do put on for me :3 I still can't believe she made that with her own paws; it's like magic :O
I went around Artist's Alley and the Dealer's Den and tried (again) to buy a commission, but as always I didn't find quite what I wanted, so I settled for nothing instead, like a loser. I did buy some books, and some adult books, and some bookmarks. There is a pattern here.
I know I went to the dance at one point, in suit, and I actually worked up the nerve to dance for almost 10 minutes. You guys don't even know how terrified I am to dance. I keep trying, but I just... guh, I cannot do it. Give me DDR any day :/ But yeah, having a bouncy bunny tail and a suit head to hide my goofy face gave me the courage to wiggle around in a sad attempt at rhythm. It was something.
After that Toby, fritztheottericon, serofoxicon, and the guy who draws Concession (of all furs, amirite?) hung out together in our room for a while. It was uproariously fun, and I wish I could relive it anytime I chose. Seriously, just... so many giggles, warm fuzzies, and general awesome calm friendship time. I briefly met Fritz's boyfriend, too, but not long enough to form an opinion. Gen and demonictofu were in the room after a while too, and we all laughed together. At one point in our drunken cuddle pile, I apparently said “my voice is the penis indicator” and decided I needed to write that the fuck down. Sero had a paper and pen in his wallet, so I wrote it down, then put it back in his wallet for some reason. He found that later and we were like “...what?” Then we all dispersed and Sero and I had real talk about gender inequality. We hit up mistasonic's room after that and met lots of cool people. We went there a little earlier, too, I think. There was a guy with great freckles there, and a lot of 4loko. I stayed up til 4am!

My other least favourite day. It's like the 3rd day in Majora's Mask, where all the townspeople are pretending nothing is wrong, but we all know the music is getting to be a little too full of doom sounds to be okay. Sundays are very blue.
We mostly just hung around the con a bit and saw random people. That night Toby, Sero, Gen and I went to xizana's room party and we had Wonder Glass shots, which tasted like delicious cookies. Then there was a cake fight, and cake was mashed into peoples' faces and also the floor. It smelled good.

Said our last goodbyes to the stragglers, then went out with our group of four to get pancakes at the best pancake joint in the world. I'm glad we got to have a goodbye breakfast.

Rest of the week
I went to my dad's house in MI after that to spend Monday through Friday with them. My little sister put on my fursuit head, and it was adorable. There was food and video games had by all. I played hide and seek in the woods at my grandma's house, because I am not old enough to stop playing no matter what people say. But then I hurt my foot when I stepped on a hidden log in the leaves :( It's not too bad, but it still stings.

I am freezing cold and back home now. The End.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Did you take pictures for us?
6 years, 4 months ago
I forgot my camera :(
6 years, 4 months ago
Sounds like a grrat trip
6 years, 4 months ago
I'm so jelly. Con cuddles are the best ;.;
6 years, 4 months ago
You should make it to RF some year, I'd totally cuddle with ya. X3
6 years, 4 months ago
Waaah.... >w< I missed out this year since I only JUST started my new job. I totally woulda saw you there too if I went.
6 years, 4 months ago
Awww ;_; I looked for you, too. I was hoping to say hi again. Maybe at FCN, or next year or something *huggles*
6 years, 4 months ago
*Huggles back* Yeah...I was s'posta get in free from mah Gopher hours but...12 hour work shifts a week just make it so harrrrrd. But yeah, next year I'll be outt athis program and most definitely try to get to it. :3
6 years, 4 months ago
Gah! can't wait till i can go to some cons again!
6 years, 4 months ago
Glad you had a good time. =3
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