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I Love You Inkians :3

I’ve been on DA, I’ve been on Fur Affinity I’ve even been on Youtube… but the one site that stands out, the one site I feel most accepted, the one site I feel most appreciated and Fur friendly is… Furness.com XD just kidding, it’s you guys. The members and staff of Ink Bunny. I enjoy Ink Bunny most because of first off the originality we share (everyone I know here so far I think has an Original Character OC) I love all your OC and post characters it’s like they totally rock! Second Their’s a better Art complex here. Everyone treats everyone like family and if theirs something wrong at least the 1 or 2 people in your click will give you tips on how to improve. On DA they hold back and say things like “oh I love how it looks great job” and you know what you drew was terrible… not to mention the one word comment scenario, I forever hate when people leave one word comments on my work or my journals. Three you guys actually listen to what others have to say, if someone gives you a specific description even without looking at the picture you can still draw the pic accurately and still make the pic look good. On DA you could give them any type of description and they’d still find some way to fuck it up. I kid you not, I was lucky enough to find a cheap animator on DA, but it truly wasn’t worth it. I’d rather pay a professional animator to draw for me than to sit around looking at this [link] I dig the nose, but I guess that’s what I get for being cheap that thing looks nothing close or relevant to my character. On DA I felt nothing but a joke that’s why I’m glad that I’m here surrounded by my Fur Ink Community and not on that bastardize site. I can understand the whole School/Word making you busy scenario but the truth is theirs now ay in hell you don’t have the time on your hands to sit down and chat once in a while… provided you have a working excuse like you can only get access at your public library. As far as I’m concerned Deviant Art pails to you guys Deviant Art could eat a dick. The only thing that I could say that I miss about Deviant Art is that it has an alternative commissions spot. You don’t have money, hey they let you use points… but that’s all I’m going to miss nothing else from that site deserves the likes of me!!! Ink bunny it’s you and me forever I finally found a site where I could feel one with myself and those around me and I say it again that it’s name is Furness… I mean InkBunny.net
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6 years, 2 months ago
Glad you feel welcome here. =3
6 years, 2 months ago
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