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The trip you take when you die.

Hi, I forgot to post this here as well...

Two days ago I had an interesting dream. First time ever I have this kind of dream.

 My dream today dealt with what happens after one dies, and the whole process it takes from you to realize you're dead until you take a train to a city...

 Everything was obviously very weird, I experienced it first: at first it seems like you're still alive, but things begin to happen as if you were in a dream, things make no sense yet they seem very real.
 Several times during this process you appear in a set of a television show for a few seconds and some events ocurred (can't remember what happened exactly), then you return to where you died and puke and felt ill, in conclusion you felt weird (not dizzy though).
 As all this was happening, the longer and the events repeated, the more you realize that you are dead and after a while you teleport automatically to a train station which is located on a floating island (surrounded by clouds).
 At the horizon you can see another much larger island with a city and a large castle in the middle that covers most of the city.
 You hop on the flying train and takes you to the city and within the city there were many weird creatures that seemed like wanting to attack you, but the tour was kinda like an attraction. Those creatures only looked at you very close (while floating and travelig with you on the outside of the train) and you could also see the landscape, but nothing bad happened.
 There were two paths to the destination for the train, a V.I.P. and a non-V.I.P. (or for common people) It took me to the V.I.P. zone.
 I do not remember what happened when I reach the destination, the dream changed to another stage.

 In this other stage one I was (alive) in a restaurant and there a shooting began out of nowhere, I tried to hide and get behind the chairs and tables so the assasins would not see me and for avoiding the bullets, but they still managed to find me and almost kill me.
 I became a spirit watching them and trying to ruin their plans, kinda like pranks to them but then suddenly one of the murderers saw my dying body and shot me to completely kill me.

 After that events I do not remember which friend of mine died and I was there watching the whole process he had to pass, it was just as it happened to me but now I could see it from my perspective and I was not able to interact with him).
 When he was teleported to the island I had to do something to make his train work and move (I was in the bottom of the train and he did not know I was helping him).
 When traveling through the city I was as spirit (transparent and floating) following him on ​​one the left side of the cabin but outside of it, he could not see me but I accompanied him during all the trip.
 The same weird creatures appeared but this time they attacked me in a weird way, they touched me with one of their claws and made me feel bad and kinda growing up like a balloon.
 When we reached the part where the road splits (one to the V.I.P.s and the other for people not V.I.P.) the creatures were gone and the driver of the train (a female) was not sure where was the non-V.I.P. entrance and helped her looking for the entrance, I found it and that person got off the train, He never realized what I did and that I was with him all the time.

 My dream ended there.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
I had a dream where I ate sushi and it screamed. That might be a possibility why you dreamed of death.
If you didn't get the memo get in my belly.
6 years, 5 months ago
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