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I need female Felines for family secrets II (3 slots)


ALRIGHT, so we are getting abit closer to the plot device here" IF there is one lol"

So i figured id have one of these, i need Random female felines of all ages" but cub" and well here are the rules!

Participation costs 30 USD It will go STRICKLY in to the comic, nothing else.

1. the female can be off any feline species.

2. Must be in the realm of logics for family secrets "Intressting colur pallets are awesome and allowed, but i am afraid il have to say no to a bright green glow in the dark lioness for example"

3. Complete Freedom: i have ALL rights to do full well what i want with the feline in question ( this is MEARLY a percusion, as these feline might take part in sexual action but seduction,rear shots and plain naughty sexy situation they WILLl be placed in they have a chance of being pregnant too.

this rule is simply to PREVENT any issues, i but they will take part in sexual tention.

4. Personality reserch,: i will try my best to fit the charecters personality as the owner intended it to be so the more sexually active they are the better.

5. this is for 1 ONE PANNEL ONE PAGE! in the comic, this is SIMPLY a percusion again, i can almost gurantee you that they will appear in the comic more then ones, if for example they are placed in a group and shadow passes said group more then ones they will appear again

but sense money is invovled, i dont want people to rant and rave how this was not what they sighed up for, again i can ALMOST gurantee they will appear on screen more then ones.

6. provide a DRAWN reff or picturte of your charecter of choose and short personality description.

7. there are limited spots i will begin with 3 but this MIGHT extend so keep an eye on the journal.

8. your spot will be open until payment has been provided.

9. WARNING! Contact me and CONFIRM with me before you send money id rather not have complications.

ordinary donations are still super welcome and super apprichated!.

Paypal: super_fly_4ever[at]hotmail.com

SO in short, follow the rules comment here, and i will pick the ones i like, so its not first comes first served BUT, this wont go on forever nether.

Sorry for my spelling im tierd, lol so i am even more below avrage crappy spelling that i usually am xP
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
This would be an awesome opportunity. Sadly The only Female i have is a Wolfie or Dolphin LOL
6 years, 1 month ago
>ordinary donations are still super welcome and super apprichated!.

How much money you take from donations?
6 years, 1 month ago
As in down to my own pocket?

None, every single penny goes in to the comic.
6 years, 1 month ago
Hmmm I have a few felines by they are all anthro. If you don't mind changing them into Ferals I guess i could participate. Up to you ultimately.
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